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Military Pay Exemption (Act of ) . FULL YEAR RESIDENTS (Use Form ARF) . box at the top right corner of Form ARF/. CLICK HERE TO CLEAR FORM ARF Click Here to Print Document ARKANSAS INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX RETURN Full Year Resident AR1 CHECK. Get, Create, Make and Sign arf. Fill Online. eSign AR-NRMILITARY Non-Resident Military Personnel Exemption Form, 02/19/ ARES.

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W-2 s were not included with State return. Line 8 Missing Ar0100f Line 16 Missing Form: W-2G s were not included with State return. Foreign Income Exclusion, Federal Form not included with return.

A return with a Foreign Address cannot be filed electronically with the State of Arkansas. MeF – Missing Information: Address Line 1 b. Province or State d.

Tax return can be electronically filed via preparer or paper return must be filed The Non Resident return cannot be an On-Line Filed return Missing Form: Schedule ARNR was not aar1000f in the unformatted record. Page 1 of A paper return must be mailed. Ar1000g required information for Filing Status: If Filing Status is 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6 then no values can be entered for Column B.

Standard deduction amount incorrect RE: If Filing Status is 4 then line 26A and 26B must be greater than zero. Spouse Page 2 of Line 7A Missing Information: Number or Dependent s b. Social Security Number d.

Line 7B Missing Information: Number or Name ar10000f Developmentally Disabled Dependent s. Schedule AR4 not included with return. Line 10 or Line 11 Missing Form: Federal Schedule C not included with return.


Line 13 Missing Form: Line 14 Missing Form: Federal Schedule RE: AR, Line 15 or, Line 10 b. Schedule not included with return. AR, Line 15 Missing Form: Federal Schedule E not included with return. Line 18 Missing Form: Federal Schedule F not included with return. Federal Schedule not included with return. Texarkana Exemption cannot be electronically filed this year.

Paper return must be mailed. Line 25 Missing Form: Schedule AR3 not included with return.

Schedule ARTD not included with return. Schedule AR not included with return. AR not included with return. Business Incentive Credits a.

No value passed for total credits. Line 35 Missing Form: Schedule ARCO not included with return. Line 41 Missing Form: Page 5 of Schedule AROD not included with return. Free File Alliance or Return prepared free of charge not passed. Field o or p Missing Information: Software Developer Code Page 6 of Paid Preparer Name b.

Non-Paid Preparer Name c. Disaster Assistance Indicator not passed. Filing Status must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Taxpayer or Spouse does not qualify for this adjustment.

The AROL along with required documents has not been received for a previous year. ARA not included with return. Military Spouses Residency and Relief Act value not passed.

Field f Missing Information: Required IP information not passed. Form ARTC not included with return. Form ARDC not included with return.

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Return Type does not match form included in submission or form not included in submission Missing Form: Arkansas Revenue Agency Discussion question value not passed. Federal Form RE: Schedule A not included in submission.

Schedule D not included in submission. ARF or does not exist in the submission. Tax period begin date qr1000f end date. Software ID Return cannot be filed electronically. Home mortgage interest paid to an individual not included in electronic record. Line 9 AR3 Missing Information: Line 15 AR3 Missing Information: Ar1000g 21 Page 9 of Line 34 Apportionment Factor Incorrect a.

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form arf –

Section B, Line 3g b. Section B, Line 4 Missing Form: Gambling Indicator Missing Information: Original Submission Date Mismatch: Birth Date s a. Manifest form type does not match form type included in state submission. Page 10 of Filing Status Page 11 of Join overwho e-filed last year. Phoenix From area codes andtoll-free Join over 1, who e-filed last year. If you are age 70 or over and meet certain tests, you may be able to defer the payment of your property taxes on your home.

Do not use staples. Use only black ink. Last name Spouse s Social Security no. The first two columns are the tax tables provided by the. If you annualize your income, you must complete and attach an MI Enter the penalty and interest amounts on the lines provided.

Form Ar1000f

We have placed an identity theft indicator on your account. 2103 to Review the Basis for your Roth IRAs In most situations, the changing of your Roth contributions from prior years will not impact your tax return. If it does, we have instructions below.