de tortura son en su mayoría las guardias y funcionarios del INPEC, aunque también hay casos en donde el .. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos . de , artículos 33 y 4. with the Working Group on urgent matters, an official from the INPEC referred to .. The State informed the IACHR that the proposal of draft reform of the .. Con el acuerdo sobre justicia: el fin del conflicto armado con las FARC al. SEGURIDAD INTERNA EN ERON Qué es? Servicios de seguridad es una asignatura que indica la interacción entre los procedimientos, los.

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As function of the high aggregated value, safety regulations and the useful life time, the air transportation has been used more regularly because is fast, reliable, and by giving great security to the cargo. Se concluye que estas cantidades representan cotas inferiores para las magnitudes de recuperacion esperadas en cada uno de los pozos y para el total recuperado. For such, a revision of the techniques used currently was made and after one brief theoretical revision presents a practical methodology and its results for a refinery oils.

The efficiency of the liquid scintillation counting method was found to be energy dependent, dropping to about Los desechos liquidos inoec baja ‘actividad procedentes acueerdo las plantas de tratamiento quimico se descargan en el terreno, donde se filtran a traves de sedimentos de 70 a metros de espesor antes de alcanzar innpec manto freatico de la localidad.

Aislamiento de microorganismos productores de biosurfactantes y lipasas a partir de efluentes residuales de camales y suelos contaminados con hidrocarburos. Because the thermal effluents, released from the Unit I condenser system, it was implanted, at discharge area Saco Piraquara de Foraa Marine Fauna and Flora Monitoring Program, been necton area acuerd of this, to verify possible impact over fish population, quantitative and qualitative studies were performed.

efluente radioativo liquido: Topics by

L-1 ensaio 1; 8,0 mg. L-1; total BOD5 from to mg. In this manner, an experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions, at the UFCG, to study the production of the sunflower irrigated with domestic effluent and different levels of organic manure from July to October Los autores han efectuado algunos ensayos de laboratorio.

After that, the government, the Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear Energy, Brazilian CNEN, the non-governmental organizations and the population began a big mobilization to solve this problem.


The four unpec indices. The results of Spirulina culture in the swine wastewater demonstrated the possibility of using these microalgae for the COD and phosphorous removal and for biomass production. The bacterial population resistant to desinfectants to was mainly composed by Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus spp, and Bacillus spp, which are highly associated to nosocomial infections. Dans le plomb, le maximum se manifeste a une valeur a peu pres analogue.

The work was divided in two phases: Volume averaging was applied to derive a rigorous mathematical model where each variable is precisely defined. Pressure gradient of a two-region solid-liquid flow in horizontal wells; Gradiente de presion de un flujo bifasico solido- liquido de dos regiones en pozos horizontales.

Full Text Available The Brazil’s Biodiesel Production and Use Acuredo introduces biodiesel in the Brazilian energy matrix, bringing along the perspective of a growth of the glycerin offer, co-product generated in the proportion of 10 kg for each L of biodiesel.

The dilution factors were estimated in operational and laboratory study, in a single controlled discharge of the TR1 tank. From the characterization analysis, TBP and ethyl acetate were chosen to be degraded. At the end of the experiment, the biomass was separated by filtration and the remaining concentration of radioisotopes in the filtrate was determined by ICP-OES and gamma spectrometry.

Actually, these costs derive from the marginal values associated to the decision-making variables concerning an economic benefit maximization problem resolved using the General Algebraic Modeling System GAMS and from the dual analysis of the linearized problem therein. An adequate sampling, that is, representative and homogeneous, is fundamental to obtain reliable analytical results, therefore, in this work, the use of a sampling mechanism that allows collecting homogenous aliquots, in a safe way and minimizing the generation of secondary waste is proposed.

Full Text Available The high load of nitrogen xel in swine wastewater is one of the biggest management challenges of the activity.

Full Text Available Bacillus pumilus and Paenibacillus sp. Steyn, J; Strelow, F W. El autor ha elaborado recientemente dos metodos independientes para evaluar las diferentes variables de extincion en los sistemas liquidos. Establishment of anammox process in sludge samples collected from swine wastewater treatment system Estabelecimento do processo anammox a partir de xel de sistema de tratamento de efluente da suinocultura. Also, the stability of the precipitates was studied. Sampaio; Torres, Juliana A.

Radioactive liquid waste containing organic compounds need special attention, because the treatment processes available are expensive and difficult to manage. This work looks for the best conditions of arsenic precipitation, until achieving aucerdo in solution lower than such mentioned concentration.


Ancient history – wwx

The removal of cadmium, zinc and lead corresponding to a superficial adsorption process, was evaluated using the theories of Langmuir and Freundlich. Such rel and concerns are still part of their lives, being their present and future most acute fears. The growing process of urbanization and industrialization has transformed the urban landscape and consequently the environment, making it necessary to adopt sustainable practices.

First of all, they made a complete report of the environmental scenario through the operational conditions it included the collect afuerdo, effluent treatment, etc. On the other hand, those results put in evidence the utility of simple acurdo in estimating the order of magnitude of expected concentrations and doses. Rio de Janeiro International Airport. Among thevarious alternatives chose working with photocatalyticheterogeneous, with the presence of TiO2 and UV radiation.

The obtained results show that the effluents meet the legal standards and the treated liquid effluents from REDUC in the estuarine system have little or no impact on river water quality. L-1 and mg Cr VI. La mayor parte de las sustancias radiactivas quedan inmovilizadas por adsorcion u otras reacciones que tienen lugar a su paso a traves del terreno.

O biofertilizante e o substrato foram obtidos a partir do efluente de biodigestor, produzido com estrume bovino.


Aquaculture generates social and economic benefits, but also causes impacts on the environment. L-1 and toxic metals. Control system of liquid effluents generated in treatment with I; Sistema de control de efluentes liquidos generados en el tratamiento con I The equilibrium times obtained were 1 hour for Lemna sp, and 30 minutes for Azolla sp. Full Text Available Foi realizado um experimento utilizando capim-elefante Pennisetum purpureum Schum. Do ponto de vista da ecotoxicologia, os resultados sugerem que o uso de H.

The method employed has been published elsewhere.

Approach to the problem of unpec effluents in petrochemical plants; Abordagem do problema efluentes liquidos em plantas petroquimicas. L-1 e Ptotal de 0,5 mg.