Was Aladin will, weiß er ganz genau: mit seinen Freunden auf der Straße spielen , möglichst wenig arbeiten, trotzdem reich werden, sich immer satt essen. A new production of Nino Rota’s Aladino e la lampada magica (“Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”) directed by Julien Ostini will open in. Aladino e la lampada meravigliosa. Fiabe intagliate by Luna Scortegagna, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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Invite him to sup with you, and say you wish to taste the wine of his country. Potrei non concedere la Principessa a uno che la stima a tal prezzo?

Beneath this stone lies a treasure which is to be yours, and no one else may touch it, so you must do exactly as I tell you. The slave said it was the holy woman, curing people by her touch of their ailments, whereupon the Princess, who had long desired to see Fatima, sent for her. Once home, he said to the genie: The Sultan then turned to Aladdin’s mother, saying: He hesitated no longer, but said: The magician left Persia for ever, which plainly showed that he was no uncle of Aladdin’s, but a cunning magician, who had read in his magic books of a wonderful lamp, meeravigliosa would make him the most powerful man in the world.

I am the Slave of the Ring, and will obey thee in all things.

Work of the Week – Nino Rota: Aladino e la lampada magica

Aladlno Singleton Joe Singleton: Quando il consiglio si sciolse il sesto giorno, il Sultano disse al Visir: A Bagdad, la principessa Badr al-Budur, figlia del sultano, si innamora di Aladino, figlio di un povero sarto mentre respinge Al-Talib, un malvagio alchimista che suo padre le ha scelto come sposo. Besides this, six slaves, beautifully dressed, to wait on my other; and lastly, ten thousand pieces of gold in ten purses.


Aladdin, knowing that their task was vain, bade them undo their work and carry the jewels back, and the genie finished the window at his command.

He came to the banks of a river, and knelt down to say his prayers before throwing himself in. On entering the hall with the four-and-twenty windows, with their rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, he cried: Immediatamente un enorme e spaventoso genio comparve aladiho terra, dicendo: He told her he loved the Princess so deeply that he could not live without her, and meant to ask her in marriage of her father.

In so doing he rubbed the magic ring he still wore. The Sultan, who was sitting in his closet, meraviglioza for his lost daughter, happened to look up, and rubbed his eyes, for there stood the palace as before! The Princess, not knowing its value, laughingly bade the slave take it and make the exchange. Aladdin was so tired that he begged to go back, but the magician beguiled him with pleasant stories, and led him on in spite of himself. At night the Princess said good-by to her father, and set out on the carpet for Aladdin’s palace, with his mother at her side, and followed by the hundred slaves.

Take care of yourself, for he means to kill you.

Le favole di Lang: Aladino e la lampada meravigliosa

Solo una cosa mi sorprende. Aladdin told him what had happened, and showed him the dead body mefavigliosa the magician, that he might believe.

The earth trembled a little and opened in front of them, disclosing a square flat stone with a brass ring in the middle to raise it by. Aladdin was seized by a desire to see her face, which was very difficult, as she always went veiled.

He had picked out the foolish Aladdin for this purpose, intending to get the lamp and kill him afterward. She put on a girdle and head-dress of diamonds, and, seeing in a glass that she was more beautiful than meraviglkosa, received the ls, saying, to his great amazement: She took these with her to please the Sultan, and set out, trusting in the lamp.


His wish was granted, and there aladinl an end to feasting and rejoicing. He entered her cell and clapped a dagger to her breast, telling her to rise and do his bidding on pain of death. Aladdin’s mother then dressed herself carefully, and walked to the palace with her slaves, while he followed her on horseback.

Aladdin had won the hearts of the people by his gentle bearing. Pour out the oil it contains, and bring it to me. The false Fatima, who wished for nothing better, consented, but kept his veil f for fear of discovery. As he passed through the town he heard people talking everywhere about a marvellous palace.

On coming to the Princess aladdino magician offered up a prayer for her health and prosperity. Aladdin went back to the Princess, saying his head ached, and alavino that the holy Fatima should be fetched to lay her hands on it. His mother, on hearing this, burst out laughing, but Aladdin at last prevailed upon her to go before the Sultan and carry his request. Il copyright del film, richiesto da William Fox, fu registrato il 24 settembre con il numero LP [1].

She was taken to the Princess, who saluted her and treated her with great honor. He rubbed it, and the genie appeared, alaeino, “What is thy will? Aladino e la lampada magica. The Sultan was surprised to receive his jewels again, and visited Aladdin, who showed him the window finished.

The magician flew into a terrible passion, and throwing some more powder on to the fire, he said something, and the stone rolled back into its place.