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The data mode option setting must correspond to the capabilities avvaya on your ISDN telephone line. This section should not be used as a step-by-step administration guide nor is it intended to replace the information provided in the switch administration manuals.

If you have console permission, next, dial the extension numberwhose calls are to be forwarded; receive dial tone.


RS Interface Appendix B: This will allow the switch to ring the HSL for incoming calls. To execute a command, type the command, 64424d press execute a command. This may be the case of a computer answering a data base query or transferring a file. Table Of Contents See Figure 10 for further help.

Once the transmission is completed, the connection is cleared. Applications and Switch Administration Routing Administration The AAR software on the Generic 1 allows the switch to route the video call over the appropriate trunk group and insert the “” prefix indicating to the SDN that it is a data call. Type END to end a data call in progress. Using Cmd Local Mode Commands See also asynchronous data communications and data metering. Page 35 Forwarding Option Values: Removing the Te lephone Tr ay.


Using your thumb, press down on the center of the tray.

At this point, additional digits may be required to complete the call. Page 6 The following features correspond to the numbers in Figure 1.

Press for Enhanced AT. In the data mode, data transmitted to the data terminal consists of one start bit, eight information bits, and one stop bit.

Applications and Switch Administration Implementation To implement this application, a videoconferencing system at each site is connected to two HSLs, each operating at 56 Kbps for a collective data rate of Kbps. More Using cmd and at commands When to type commands.

Avaya 6424D+M User Manual Page 61

These numbers are labeled m1 through m9. Continue this procedure until the number you are changing is complete. Testing You can perform three tests on your ADM: Snap one end amnual the coiled handset cord into the Handset jack labeled.

Data endpoint requirements Switch requirements Data Features Data Features Asynchronous full-duplex operation at data rates from bits per second bps to Circuit This appendix contains the circuits provided on the pin interface for RS automatic calling operation.

The ADM sends an xon character with current parity to your data terminal when it is ready to receive data. Reverse the desktop stand so that mabual larger end is facing down. The chapters and appendices of this guide are organized as follows: To store pA, at the Avvaya To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Press the Menu button and then press the softkeybelow CFrwd while on-hook or off-hook. Unless you only want to temporarily change options, it 64244d important to save any changes by copying pA to one of the stored profiles. Only the person at the other extension hears theannouncement; the other person on the call cannot hear the message. Ending A Call Chapter 5: Wall I nsta llati on. Locate the Program button on your telephone. Press the call appearance button in question. 4624d

Avaya Definity 6416D+M Manuals

While unlikely, it is possible that thisspark could ignite heavy concentrations of gas. Page 38 Chapter 3: An arrow appears above the feature name orabbreviation if that feature is active.

The second nanual on each softkey feature menu shows the features you canaccess. Examples of the command without “to” Examples of DTE devices are a display terminal, a PC running appropriate data communications software, or a printer or plotter.