Barstar Barnase system • Barnase ( amino acids) is a secreted ribonuclease from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Barstar (89 amino acids) is a. Barnase-barstar system is tested in many crops; however, issues such as leaky expression of the barnase gene and difficulty in obtaining. Trends Biochem Sci. Nov;14(11) Barnase and barstar: two small proteins to fold and fit together. Hartley RW. Barnase and barstar are the.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Methods 25— Interestingly in anther, tapetal layer remained intact with empty pollens in the pollen sac Fig.

The transgenic lines showed considerably low pollen viability Fig.

The mutation retained dimerization and functional activity of the COP1 but increased its nuclear abundance. Molecular Breeding 27— S2-awith an average expression of COP1 LA showing normal growth and development. In constructthe desired gene gusA in the case of cassette was expressed under the control of the TGTA-mutated tapetum-specific promoter, and the translationally fused HFR1 NT -TBPm3 complex was under the regulation of the Pcec barase They are missing the point.

Hence, it is desirable to develop a hybrid seed system that is equipped with capabilities of complete pollen abortion in a biologically safe and tightly controlled manner, as well as efficient male fertility restoration in the F1 hybrid.


Restoration of pollen sysyem in F1 progeny is a prerequisite for hybrid seed production. Plant J 55— The transgenic lines 13 and 33 were selected for further studies based on their higher expression Supplementary Fig.

Explaining on GM mustard Development – Barnase-Barstar system – Caring Nature

Mol Breed 14— Transgenic Res 991— All results are an average of 10 independent lines with three independent experiments of T1 lines. At stage 1, the meiotic division occurs, forming dyad and tetrad with distinct tapetum in the control Fig. Plant Mol Biol 19— They also acknowledge the support of Dr. The highest expression was found in the stage 1 anthers Supplementary Fig. Nat Genet 45— F1 is obtained by crossing with plants expressing female male-sterile and male male-fertile expression cassettes.

Barnase and barstar: two small proteins to fold and fit together.

In future approaches, linking the herbicide resistance gene in the construct as in SeedLink TM will enable the selection of male-sterile female parents. The transgenic lines of Nicotiana tabacum cv.

Genetic engineering of male-sterility and the fertility-restoration system have emerged as tangible options for hybrid seed production. Histochemical GUS analysis was performed as described by Genet Mol Biol 33— At stage 3, control tapetal cells shrank and microspores baretar clearly visible Fig.


Bt cotton incorporates foreign genes isolated from Bacillus thuringiensis, a commonly occurring soil bacterium. Footnotes Author Contributions S. Barnase has no disulfide bondsnor does it require divalent cations or non-peptide components to fold.

Pollination ssystem technologies for hybrid breeding.

This enzyme -related article is a stub. S6-dwhereas deformation increases in transgenics Fig.

A novel male sterility-fertility restoration system in plants for hybrid seed production

Plant Mol Biol 76— Nicotiana tabacum has been used for the proof of principle presented here, barnaee the essential elements of the technology are generic and possibly will work in other crops. Mol Gen Genet— Structure of an intermediate in the refolding of barnase analysed by a protein engineering procedure”. The Arabidopsis repressor of light signaling, COP1, is regulated by nuclear exclusion: Barnase a portmanteau of “BActerial” “RiboNucleASE” is a bacterial protein that consists of amino acids and has ribonuclease activity.