Buy Coors Light GAL Keg & other Domestic Beer Kegs near you. Buy online, pick up in store in 1 hr. or, shipping included on all orders over $ I’m looking to get a “different” keg for a buddies birthday/poker tourney. I’ve looked at the list that BevMo has to offer and found a couple that are. 92 reviews of BevMo! However, Rude Matt, walked away and grabbed the list of kegs available to order and asked me to review while he helped the next.

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Coors Light GAL KEG : Beer & Cider – Kegs – Domestic Beers : BevMo!

I exchanged my new Aluminum cylinder for a used one. The freezer is exactly Once you keep it, its yours, meaning you own it. Or you can try a local bottle shop that has a good variety of beers. Forums Blogs Articles Groups.

Coors Light (7.75 GAL KEG)

I am going to stop in tonight and pick up a pony. And they do deliver in Long Beach, for a small fee. If they realize you will probably be purchasing a keg from them on a monthly basis, i. Geeze Chubby Swans, had no idea i was stealing. Originally posted by bg44 View Post.

I had my first keg for over 3 weeks and they could have cared less. It will be close!. Do you already have an account?

I stopped by Liquor Unlimited yesterday and they told me all their miller kegs are metal and not the rubberized kind. I’m looking for a good pale ale. Do you know if BevMo has different kegs that they can order that aren’t on their advertised list? I’ve looked at the ksg that BevMo has to offer and found a couple that are doable. Originally posted by reboot View Post. Previous 1 2 3 Next.


Extreme Beer Fest cometh! Originally posted by Hendu View Post. Login or Sign Up.

Buy Keg Beer – Beer in a Keg Online | BevMo!

Your name or email address: I will agree with trying to find competent people to do business with. The place I get my kegs from, they have a sign on their wall that says “no deposit refund after 14 days on kegs”, but I’m in there often enough that the guys that work there all know my face, the owner knows my name, and I know his. The Johnson Controls Temperature controller seems to be working very nice. I went to pick up the keg of Lite, they took my money for the keg deposit and filled out 10 minutes of Indiana paperwork, and then rolled out the rubberized Miller keg.

Kegs in HB usually has a good selection and can get pretty much whatever. It’s not always updated. Your best bet is to call them and to call local breweries in your area. You also want to make sure you’re talking to at least a store manager, if not the owner. Yes, my password is: Does anyone know of a reputable dealer on the West side of indy that can get me Miller in standard non-rubberized keg without a huge hassle?

I’ve bought and returned kegs from different establishments for years and I’ve always been under the impression that if you do not return your keg you own it. I doubt there’s any kind of state law mandating this 10 day thing in Indiana. I would contact the wholesaler where they buy it or the brewery itself and tell them what you were told. Mr Kegs do have a very good selection available inside their cooler.


I took your advise cubby swans. I seriously doubt that they would risk losing sales due to such a ridiculous policy. Couple of minutes on the phone will give you a solid idea of what’s available.

BevMo Keg Availablity

I went to the big Liquor store in speedway in person when they were not busy and spoke with the senior guy. What’s listed on their website is not always what they have in the cooler. The normal employee may not be motivated or educated to handle kegerator lust.

So bvmo go back for keg number two you swap your empty for your next full keg and thats it. They have a tremendous business there in speedway so I hope I will not be buying old beer.

I think your best bet would be to go to a store and plead your case in person, during a non-busy time, so that they have a moment to listen to you without being rushed. Last edited by reboot ; I live in indy as well. While making phone calls to the local lost stores to set up my first Keg pist, I ran into an interesting situation. I think they have a