The celebrated lower Cambrian Chengjiang biota of Yunnan Province, China, represents one of the most significant ever paleontological. Description. The celebrated lower Cambrian Chengjiang biota of Yunnan Province, China, represents one of the most significant ever paleontological. The Maotianshan Shales are a series of Early Cambrian deposits in the Chiungchussu Formation, famous for their Konservat Lagerst├Ątten, deposits known for the exceptional preservation of fossilized organisms or traces. The Maotianshan Shales form one of some forty Cambrian fossil locations The Chengjiang fossils comprise the oldest diverse metazoan assemblage.

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Six genera come from the Cambrian of Yunnan Province, making it the richest source of these ancient Lobopodian fossils.

A consequence of this has been hcengjiang mining efforts in the region which threaten the fossil-bearing strata due to erosion, slumping of overburden, and simple destruction by the mining efforts. You foasils currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Douglas Palmer “The work is authoritative and highly illustrated; the high-quality illustrations were, and are, an immensely important aspect of the work. The property thus provides a unique window of understanding into the structure of early Cambrian communities.

Outcrop of the Maotianshan Shale, site of the discovery of the Chengjiang Biota. A must-have for all palaeontologists worldwide.

I would recommend it to all palaeontologists and libraries, this is a must-have! Since then, the locality has been intensively studied by scientists throughout the world, yielding a constant flow of new discoveries and triggering an extensive scientific debate surrounding the interpretation of discoveries. Many sponges have been found buried where they lived, and so are often found articulated.


Deposits of ancient mudstone, about million years old, have yielded a spectacular variety of exquisitely preserved fossils that record the early diversification of animal life. Other workers believe that they have their affinity with the tunicates, and still others with the halkeriids. The Chengjiang biota is one of the most remarkable fossildiscoveries ever made.

Maotianshan Shales

Allonia is a chancelloriid that was initially interpreted as a sponge. Open Preview See a Problem? Batofasciculus looks like nothing more than a spiky balloon; the nature of this organism is truly an enigma. The rocks and fossils of the Chengjiang Fossil Site present an outstanding and extraordinarily preserved record that chengjiiang to the rapid diversification of life on Earth during the early Cambrian period, million years before present.

About one in eight animals are problematic forms of uncertain affinity, some of which may have been evolutionary experiments that survived for only a brief period as benthic environments rapidly changed in the Cambrian. Similar to Myllokunmingia is Haikouichthys ercaicunensisanother primitive fish-like animal. Moreover, the management authority has completely restricted future infrastructure development in the property.

Category All Cultural Natural Mixed. Gould or The Crucible of Creation: Peter MacKenzie marked it as to-read Dec 06, Explicit use of et al.

This special preservation has produced fossils of rare beauty; they are also of outstanding scientific importance as sources of evidence about the origins of animal groups that have sustained global biodiversity to the present day. Additionally, a museum has been built at Miaotanshan, over the site of the first Chengjiang Fauna fossil discovery. Request permission to reuse content from this site. The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang isthe first book in English to provide fossil enthusiasts with anoverview of the fauna.


The Chengjiang Fossil Site, located in the Province of Yunnan, China, conserves fossil remains which are of exceptional significance. Many new discoveries can be anticipated, as well as revisions to the evolutionary interpretations of past discoveries.

Chengjiang Maotianshan Shales

The discovery is now over 30 years old, being first found in by Hou Xian-Guang, who is still active and one of the authors of this new edition. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Among these, due to the remarkable fossil discoveries beginning in the s, Chengjiang lagerstatte stands alone in providing insights, many in dispute, for understanding of the paleobiology of multicellular animals in general, and chordates in particular.

It has a discernible heart, dorsal and ventral aorta, gill filaments, and a notochord neural chord. Refresh and try again. Het fossielengebied Chengjiang ligt in de provincie Yunnan, waar zeer belangrijke fossiele overblijfselen gevonden zijn. First English cgina illustrated guide to this importantfauna.

Since the discovery of the first specimens inmany thousands of fossils have camrian collected, exceptionally preserving not just the shells and carapaces of the animals, but also their soft tissues in fine detail. The property has an established monitoring programme including defined indicators for the conservation of this property, and which needs to be integrated with monitoring of the protection of the wider surroundings of the property.