Browse Wishlist. Description; Reviews. CASTROL RX VISCUS SAE 25W H/ DUTY DIESEL M/ OIL LT. SKU: IM Category: AUTO PRODUCTS. Castrol RX Viscus 25W is a premium multigrade engine oil engineered for high kilometer diesel engines in heavy duty and passenger transport vehicles. See Toxicological Information, section 11 of this Safety Data Sheet. Date of issue 05/23/ Page: 1/9. Castrol RX Viscus 25W ENGLISH. (ENGLISH).

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We r not talking about major pollution are we? EnigmaMar 24, Just do a compression test and leak down test first then take it from there. Tapage, Thank you rc posting your comments and results.

You’ve been straining your engine for it’s full operating funationality. DaveMar 22, Im burning about 3 qts a month!!! The engine still has acceptable pressure when cold but drops significantly when it warms up.

Benquip: Castrol RX Viscus 25W60

Toyota Thailand Manufacturer’s of the Hilux recommends Hypuronwe use it in our service station when servicing customers Hilux. I already put in new idle oil pressure plunger and spring and that help raising the oil press but not on idle. Opinions are welcomed, however trolling, spamming and bashing will not be tolerated. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. By the end of next year im guessing Ill vicus another 3k put in it,lol.


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Lubricants comparision between brands

So I am now 10, km, Should I go to I thought you were going asking if you should switch to full syntec oil. Im going to do mine in spring. I guess you could just take it down and re ring it but you might as well rebuild it while its out. Thought all the later 80’s came with 1HD-FT’s? Do you believe I made an error in using the 30w oil? Is it visscus seals? Suzuki Forum Site forums, you must first register. The plunger, spring and sealing washer are on order, coming from Japan by slow boat 30 days.

TapageMar 29, TowpackMar 29, Page 1 of 2.

Quote message in reply? Team Locoi never got bad problems with them. Diesel, Gas, 4×4, 4×2. Its engine rebuild time Yeah that’s what I figured. TapageMar 28, You will find the write up in here somewhere. Mine will run me a few more bucks though cause while its down im having the head reworked and fine tuned for a few more horses and im puting in HC flat top pistons and a better cam.

I forgot to mention. I’m not sure I understand the “problem”.


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My motto has usually been ‘I’d rather drive it than fix it’ If the engine is otherwise strong, consider heavier oil or a high mile additive, designed to reduce castrop consumption. But is what it is.

For comparison, I’m almost double that Rick can you share the part number and price you got for plunger and spring. Hey Rick, How many km’s on the engine?

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From your readings with a mechanical gauge it’s within factory specs. All times are GMT Registered Users do not see the above ads. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

I love pretty close to my office and my 80 it’s my DD so bunch vkscus ligths, stop and go. Is that recommended for the hilux?

I am no expert on Toyota engines, other than to read what is on the build plate riveted to the body! Outdoor and Expedition Gear Parting Out If so big job?