Super Speech by Chetan Bhagat at Symbiosis.. October 29, at PM Don’t just have career or academic goals. Set goals to give you a balanced. Following is the speech by Chetan Bhagat given at the orientation programme for the new batch of MBA students at Symbiosis, Pune. Chetan is also a leading motivational speaker and his speeches have inspired a whole generation. To officially invite Chetan as a a speaker, you may visit here.

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We are like cetan prepaid card with limited validity. You, who have come to this college, leaving the comfort of your homes or in some cases discomfortto become something in your life. You are commenting using your WordPress. It really have lifted my spirits. If the marble falls, there is no point coming first. Filed under LifepeopleUncategorized.

Bhwgat the fabric of our institutes that weaves friendships, experiences and life long memories to lead a balanced, successful life. You may also know that you cannot become Tendulkar, yet.

Disappointment will come when your effort does not give you the expected return. Have you ever been frustrated? Or rather, how will I live?


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some IITians kill themselves over low grades — how silly is that?

What did this failure teach me? People with connections, rich dads, beautiful faces, pedigree find it easier to make it — not just in Bollywood, but everywhere.

Today I am going to talk about keeping the spark shining. Notify me of new comments via email.

Speech by Chetan Bhagat at Symbiosis… | Paati Sutta Vadai

But realizethere will be some people luckier than you. This speech was really inspiring and a must for cyetan the new college goers. I am not a fan of CB.

If you make an effort to interact with people, you will do better in interviews.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. These are disappointment, frustration, unfairness and loneliness of purpose. Frustration saps excitement, and turns your initial energy into something negative, making you a bitter person.

I use the word balanced before successful, balanced means ensuring your health, relationships, and mental symbioiss are all in good order. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Excerpt From The Speech Given By Chetan Bhagat At Symbiosis.

It happens when things are stuck. Frustration is a sign somewhere, you took it too seriously.


Life is not to be taken seriouslyas we are really temporary here. To nurture, always have goals.

Excellent way to be alive our routine existence with charming sparkles and to deal with foreseeable thunderstorms. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: May 30, at 9: I welcome my non-muslim brothers and sisters to start studying islams and try to learn the message of Allah give in it Honestly study islam you will find it straightway opposite to the current portrayed by western media. Inspiring symbiosi very much close to reality. Do we really need to get so worked up?

Merit and hard work is not always linked to achievement in the short term, but the long term correlation is highand ultimately things do work out. And you may drop some of them.