However I do not see any calls into our support center since your site was commissioned. So I am not sure what customer service agents you. Equipment interconnecting cables;; Reloading initializing instructions and re- commissioning;; Verification of proper operation and completion of service report; . visible only after the modem has been commissioned and is operational. Figure System Control Center button links. Click the button to go to.

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Page started 1Novamended 14 April Repeatedly swing the dish gently to rest against comissioned nut and measure the low degraded quality on each side, either side of the beam peak.

What is Express Repair?

Express Repair customers also pay a reduced service fee for onsite repair visits. Express Repair — Basic. The cost of all parts required to restore service; e. Click on My Services 3. Contact Customer Care to explain your concern at commisdioned If final tightening causes a signal drop re-peak in azimuth and elevation. To not falsify any related records; h. When using an inclinometer the scale may read backwards.

What is the vesting period? While most problems are resolved with a simple phone call, it may take up to 7—10 days for a cmmissioned technician to visit your home or business to restore service, under the warranty. Satellite Alignment and Visibility: Once you have pre-set the elevation angle as best you can, swing the dish boldly around the general azimuth direction and your Horizon meter will say satellite found and the modem will show the signal quality. Think, when the dish is pointed low down near the horizon the elevation angle is low, like 15 deg.

This HX50 setup page will appear: Do the azimuth first. There are two levels of Express Repair service that you can choose: Time and Materials Services In addition to the Services coverages described above, Customer may also elect to order a Hughes technician to visit a Customer location on a Time and Materials basis.


Compliance with Applicable Building Codes and Ordinances It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable building codes, zoning ordinances, covenants, conditions, and restrictions related to services provided under this agreement, to pay any fees or other charges, and obtain any permits or authorizations necessary for services provided under this agreement collectively “Legal Requirements”.

Loosen the four polarisation bolts and rotate the dish to set the required polarisation adjustment angle. Under warranty, you have access to 24×7 technical phone support, as well as onsite support as needed. What is Express Repair? Gallery Slide Show of Installation Photos: Its length is suitable for the 1.

There are two possible orientations for the U shaped bracket. The charges associated with Time and Materials Services will be Hughes’ then-current charges. Service Coverage Hours are 8: If you want Vertical nominal receive polarisation then turn the whole dish by 90 deg either way, so that the feed arm is directly at one side or the other.

Commissiond site is north of the equator and the satellite is in a south-easterly direction. The Plan overrides the terms of the Limited Warranty described in the Subscriber Agreement only as specifically set forth herein.

There is a strong plastic moulded dome shape which attaches accurately to the back of the dish with proper bolts. You later rotate the entire complete dish by 90 deg either way if Vertical name receive polarisation is require. Hughes will require troubleshooting of the system over the telephone or otherwise to verify any failure prior to hughhesnet an onsite service call. This nominal receive polarisation will be called “horizontal” or “vertical”.

The scale goes up to For example, if you had elected to pay your monthly HughesNet subscription fee with a credit or debit card, Hughes will use that same card number to charge you for the co-pay. In this case there was 0mm zero error as the dish was measured straight hugbesnet of the box. Using the paper page of information provided to you by your service provider, type in all the entries exactly and then double check before clicking “save configuration” at the bottom.


What is covered by Express Repair? Clips, if used ,should be randomly spaced and care taken to avoid crushing the cable at each clip.

Where can I manage or remove my Express Repair subscription? Longitude 3 deg 12 minutes East and Latitude 40 deg 56 minutes North. Also check that in Internet Explorer proxy server is turned off.

In addition to the Services coverages described above, Customer may also elect to order a Hughes technician to visit a Customer location on a Time and Materials basis. This difference is a function of the Electromagnetic Frequency which they both operate on. The rear flange rim of the waveguide spacer is marked in two places, at 90 deg to one another, with a hughewnet score and a double score marking, 90 degrees apart. The feed horn comes with a spacer section of tapered circular hughesbet, attached to the feed horn at a specific angle.

HughesNet HX VSAT terminal installation

Pre-existing service issues on covered Service Plan; d. The low voltage DC connector must not be disconnected from the modem while the power is on. Before pouring concrete check you can see the satellite!

Determine the latitude and longitude of your location using http: