“xmgrace” is a useful plotting package available with the linux operating system. “convert” is a generally useful linux command to change formats, e.g. you can. I want to save graph in jpeg format plotted using xmgrace software but there is no 2. in linux simply type “convert ” xx => format of your. I don’t think here is a direct export to pdf in xmgrace. You should print the file e.g. as postscript (File/Print_setup/Device and then File/Print), and convert it with.

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Seeing as the graphs are overlain, clicking within the frame is ambiguous as to what graph is selected. In referring to what item to select, the tutorial will use something of the form snaf: Assume data file is in netCDF format. If the source contains date fields, they should be automatically detected.

Grace Tutorials

These contain the character outline descriptions. These are ordinary Grace projects, so you can play with them and modify them. When the widget comes up, there will be a list of the sets with their number eg. You can save graph appearance parameters or retrieve settings previously saved via the “File” menu of this popup. We may also link to a pipe in which case we xmgrwce specify it is a pipe to which we are linking.

The running average popup allows you to compute some values on a sliding window over your data. The “Active” toggle globally activates or deactivates the axis all GUI elements are insensitive for deactivated axes. With many operations, however, it is required that the 2 sets have the identical abscissa, i. Notice how it overlaps the Gnus. Soif the menu item was actually “Bell jar” instead of bell in the last example, it would be snaf: Specifying the placement of the graph by entering the coordinates can be painful, especially the fine tuning.


We wish to plot the files a. The commands may be different on your machine or require a slightly different syntax. List of legend strings or one string. Clicking on a list entry without any keyboard modifier pressed will deselect all other entries and select only that one.

The Xmvrace, the batch language and the command line flags do not have this limitation, you can use spaces there without any problem. Experiment by changing the line colours and widths, placing a symbol at each data point, not connecting data points and fill the space between the x-axis and the xmgrac. Projects saved with Xmgr This small popup only displays the current state type and whether it is active or not of the existing regions.

The geometric dmgrace circle, ellipse, rectangle can be applied to any set, they test each point in turn and keep only those that are not in the neighborhood of previous points. Note that for the non-polynomial fits, A and B are the fitting parameters of the equation. Old style plotting needs creation of GracePlot.

At this point we need to enter a accented letter, so we bring up the font tool by pressing Control-E. Label of the axis; see Label object. UTC is not a continuous scale!


This was corrected in by introducing Gregorian calendar.

Grace Tutorials

Several of comma separated nonkeyword arguments or as list. We still use Gregorian calendar today, but we now have several time scales for increased accuracy. Commanbds which are global such as redraw control are sent to the GracePlot object. The graph selector at the top allows to choose the graph you want to operate on, it also allows certain common actions through its popup menu see graph selector. Options specified on the command line are parsed in order and stay in effect until overridden by specifying them again.

The only choice apart from the source set of xmgrqce is the type of differences to use: The unknown parameters are labelled xmgrwce Set type of num.

The other type of fitting is nonlinear and allows for arbitrary user supplied functions. A batch-printing version is called gracebat. Select the graph numbers with which we would like to deal. The date scanner can be used either for Denys’s and Gregorian calendars.

The locator props popup allows you to customize the display of the locator, mainly its type and the format and precision of the display.