Hi. I am missing copies of several old tax returns that I need to consult again. I have file but not the Turbotax programs that generated. I’m guessing you used TurboTax software. If I recall correctly, it allows you to save or convert your tax return in PDF format so you can open and. And as for converting the tax data file to a PDF, TurboTax doesn’t support that. More details here Can I convert my PDF into a tax data file.

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DaveA Jul 23, You can just go back into your turbo tax account and save a pdf. Log in to Drake Support with your User account credentials.

Access or Earlier Tax Returns. Replace with the desired year. For the most part, yes. I had my sons do there taxes on the Windows computer on a trial windows version that came with my Mac version and send it to back me in email when they were done.

UltraTax stores their client files separately from their depreciation files. My printer HP malfunctioned during the printing of my tax return April 14 and need to print.

These are links that open the list of forms converted for each tax package. UltraTax Conversion – Missing Depreciation UltraTax stores their client files separately from their depreciation files. Tips You can view prior-year returns by contacting the IRS for a free transcript or an exact copy. Chawbacon Jul 24, Solved How to convert “.

Solved: Solved: Adobe Acrobat – can it convert .tax files to pdf?

What returns and forms can I convert to Drake Software? I was not able to get it to download properly a month or so ago but they also will mail out a CD that fjles the program. Turbo Tax Conversion from Windows to Mac possible?


I have been using Windows based software the past few years and want to use Mac now, Is there come conversion program?

I will get the old versions of Turbotax. Posted on Feb 12, I used Turbotax and thought it was saved as a. Click “File” in TurboTax, then click “Open. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Glenn Leblanc Glenn Leblanc. Depending on concerting text editor you’re pasting into, fules might have to add the italics to the site name. If you select this version, you won’t be able to view your return. That is one of the ways that virus spreaders try to get their wares past virus checkers – by using an extension that isn’t checked by default, but is really flles else.

Installed conversion program updates. Join overother people just like you! Noyb Nov 13, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

turbltax Apr 15, Filea Feb 12, 4: This will result in two separate zipped backup files. Read my lips, you need TurboTax, you can’t do that with anything that Adobe products, including any version of Acrobat! No, you do not need the corresponding year of Drake Software installed to run the conversion programs. Yes, my password is: DCMSep 9, Contact Us Support Signin.

For new Drake clients and registered demo software clients: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


DaveBurnettApr 16, Click “Continue” to accept the license agreement, then select the version of TurboTax you want to use to view your return, such as “Deluxe.

Solved: Solved: Adobe Acrobat – can it convert .tax files to pdf? | Tech Support Guy

Packages Converted Lists the tax packages converted for the listed program. One of the results was one that said that Adobe Acrobat version 8 will convert any file that can be printed with Adobe.

Acrobat obviously doesn’t know anything about the format of TurboTax data files! If you do not have the desktop version of UltraTax, you can submit both backup files for an in-house conversion at Drake. ConsonarApr 15, Click “View your returns from prior years” on the Welcome Back screen.

May 25, Riles Lists the tax packages converted for the listed program.

Can you open the. Click “File” and “Open,” then select your return to view it.

How to View Previous Turbo Tax Files |

Select the return you want to view and wait for it to open as a PDF file. I was able to open the files directly on my Mac and work with it as if it xonverting done on my computer. Also In This Category.