NET Web Application in VB , I made a webform that uses Crystal Reports, the CrystalReportViewer control has PrintMode property, default. Gets or sets the print mode to print the report. Namespace Assembly (). Is there an online site that has sample reports that I could see directly. We are having trouble printing and I would like to see a web site with.

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CrystalReportViewer.PrintMode Property

Monday, September 12, 3: When I click on the Print printmodde on the report viewer, I get the following error message: It blows up your web server with temp files, only works with IE, and is limited to the number of reports you can print at the same time.

It describes all the benefits of RAS and then says ‘this product is no longer available’. To overcome this issue, I simply load the report each time when page is loaded, no matter Postback or crystalreportviewfr load. The build target for the ASP. I have a question about printing reports.

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It ended up being a lot simpler of a fix than what I was thinking:. Post as a guest Name.


So when a user clicks on the print button in the Crystal Report Viewer intended for VS, what can they expect? I’ve been beating my head against this for at least a day now, and I’m fresh out of ideas. Sign in to vote.

While working with crystal reports you must reinitialize the report and its login and datasource, parameters etc in each request post back or no postback does not matter before sending out the response.

Wednesday, November 9, 5: Well, here’s what I did in order to get things to work. Can they still print prinmode to a printer is there something that gives them this capabitliy like the Active X print control did? Your page load should look something like this: Is there an online site that has sample reports that I could see directly.

Sample web site printing from Crystal report viewer – print mode ActiveX

Archived discussions are read-only. Your page load should look something like this:. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The data being passed into the report is fine.


This is what it looks like in the page source: Maybe I misunderstood what you are saying, but even though I may have reports with a PrintMode of ActiveX, I can still use crystaldeportviewer browsers.

If I do this, and click the print button on the report viewer I get the following error: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired https: Switch the report type to PDF. The report appears fine when viewing the report. Its bad idea to store entire report in session if you are receiving lot of user requests. An unmanaged RAS server is no longer available as an upgrade option.

Sign up using Facebook. I also had to add the config from that site into my web.

For cryxtalreportviewer information, see Upgrade Options. Thursday, October 4, 4: Not what you were looking for? Setting it to anything seemed to result in problems.

We have not downloaded CR for VS yet.