CSSBB Primer 4th Edition September 0 /5. PRIMERS contain the appropriate bodies of knowledge plus sample questions and answers. Many ASQ. Preparing for CSSBB Test – I am currently preparing to take the If you use the Quality Council of Indiana Black Belt Primer as one of or your. Has anyone used the CSSBB Primer from the Quality Council for the ASQ exam? I am looking for recommendations for study materials and.

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Facebook Email Twitter Google Pinterest. I find that whenever an author writes very conversationally, trying to simplify the concepts by writing long explanations of the topics as if he or she were sitting there with you trying to explain them to youit just confuses me. Thanks so much for the information. I experienced this on the CQE exam. Get it over with since you are running out of time Use your scratch paper neatly for all numerical questions. Some of the providers have emphasised the importance of carrying out a real life application of LSS as part of the training which I would do at my current employers.

I also purchased the Exam CD along with the Primer. Cathy Ballentine February 18, 4: The books alone are not enough. Nicole Radziwill December 10, 3: This is the best way to learn for from a phD absolutely free of cost. I would rather allow enough time as to take test early and stress over it?

CSSBB Primer for ASQ Exam – iSixSigma

Only use it for topics you do need understand and need extra help on. I am looking for recommendations for study materials and possbly any used study guides for sale.


Having the tables ready is very important, it saves a lot of time people usually spend turning pages. I would focus on interpreting Minitab outputs as you sill encounter them on the exam. Xssbb primer questions are awesome, and I felt that they were very similar to the questions in the actual exam.

How I Cracked the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Exam (CSSBB)

Another good ideas is to use stickers to mark important pages in the books, you can add tabs in the books where ever you want and name them yourself. I was looking at on line training mainly but also have had a look at classroom training.

Other than that, you have around or so questions in the primer. Jessica Wu January 24, 9: Garuv February 17, 2: This test bank also explains each of the answer choices so csdbb know why wrong answers are wrong.

The reason that the real exam is easier is that there are a lot of questions in the Primer where at least two of the multiple choice options will tempt you into believing that they are both correct. How long you were preparing? It is the easiest way to access Six Sigma experts all around the world. I took the exam on 6th Oct and passed in the first shot and I think the Primer and the CD helped me a lot.

CSSBB Primer (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Primer)

Vasil Jaiani August 1, 7: I am not sure if the BB exam is the same way or not. That’s the csshb advice I can give. Where will you find questions? Do not leave anything for the 3rd pass, there is no 3rd pass, choose the best answer and go for it, there will be no time. From there I guess I will have some decisions to make.


I used only 2 books. Although ASQ does not ask for you to demonstrate or provide proof of your Green Belt certification, it is important that you have the basic knowledge before heading to the black belt level.

CSSBB Primer (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Primer) by Bill Wortman | LibraryThing

Posted by Kevin Manglos on Aug 7, Calculate quickly how much time and questions remain, it will be pdimer around 35 or 40 questions in 60 minutes. Any kind of indexing, references that helped you? But I fed up with travelling and updating new technology features is disturbing my personal life.

I only messed up a little on my time management because I ended up spending more time in priker first half also lost a significant amount of confidence by assuming that the entire question set was gonna be so difficult.

I also used the 3rd edition handbook, and the online practice tests from ASQ. I am curious for those who have already prepared and have taken the exam what are some pointers that you might be willing to share? Can you please suggest me on how to get my project done? Nicole Radziwill April 7, 4: The amount of information per pound is relatively low. Are you thinking about training programs, or the certification exam itself? I appreciate all of the pointers, I will definitely get on preparing my book this way.

Paperback vs Hardback 2.