– Buy Curfewed Night book online at best prices in India on . Read Curfewed Night book reviews & author details and more at Peer’s Curfewed Night is an extraordinary memoir that does a great deal to bring the Kashmir conflict out of the realm of political rhetoric. Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer. A new star of Indian non-fiction is born with this searing memoir about the bloody struggle for justice in.

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Someone pointed and shouted, ‘That man is alive,’ and the nigth began firing at me. The referendum, promised by Nehru at the UN, on whether the state would remain part of India, was never held, either in Indian Kashmir or the western part of the state that ended up under Pakistani control. The author meets up and interviews different people affected by the conflict in one way or the other- former classmates- turned- militants, currewed of torture camps, people who have lost entire families and turned to faith and poetry, rape victims, Kashmiri pandits displaced from home, educated professionals who could have lived safer and better lives outside Kashmir but chose to return or stay back.

Curfewed Night

Many teenagers cross the Line of Control, to train in Pakistani army camps. Parents are forced to send their children away for education. He describes the “crackdowns”, when Indian security forces would surround a village and parade its inhabitants in front of a masked informer. The author keeps his tale simple, and keeps the reader interested through out the novel.

India hardly is ever treated to a viewpoint on kashmir by a Kashmiri. It is the culture, tradition, the people who made kashmir, that was destroyed along with the humanity and brotherhood that existed.


Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

Peer is a journalist, so that definitely comes off in his memoir- it’s a lot less literary than one would like, but he is definitely able to get his point across. Breaks many presumptions Indians generally have about the Kashmir problem and the Indian army. After tribal attacks from the Pakistani tribes, the Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh, chose to sign a treaty of accession with India and also demanded a referendum later.

In the end they are lucky: Do they really want freedom from India and if so are they willing to write their history in blood? The valley is splendidly described.

Since then various groups have campaigned — peacefully and violently — for the whole of Kashmir either to join Pakistan or to become an independent state. The author admits that he was fascinated by the militants and would have joined but for his father and maternal grandfather. But I strongly believe, it should no longer be just about being a hindu or a muslim. The novel ends on a poignant note, with the author wishing t Beautifully written and poignant. Basharat starts narrating the story from the memories of nightt childhood days in Kashmir and history of Kashmir.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

It will never be re-grown! Ahmed had fallen flat and managed to escape unhurt. I often think the conflict might not have turned so fatal if India had allowed those peaceful demonstrations. Yet almost from my first morning in this earthly paradise, I found myself reporting some of the most chilling atrocities I have ever witnessed. Sep 18, Vinit rated it liked it. However, a more detailed history of the region and the origins of the recent crisis would have cutfewed this a much better book, in my opinion, although I would strongly recommend this book for anyone who is unfamiliar with Kashmir or its people.

There is no end in sight to this conflict, but it will be altogether impossible if there are no more Basharaf Peers speaking for their generation.


This line says it all: He writes about a notorious torture prison – India’s Abu Ghraib, so to speak – called Papa-2 and graphically details the cruelty and torture that was perpetrated on innocent Kashmiri Muslims there, on suspicion of being militants.

But, they have mouths to feed at home. If I remember correctly, it This is a really important book that was written in the most beautiful way possible for a non-fiction one to be.

And, then, it is like a certificate, a degree that you are a real militant! In his moving memoir, Basharat Peer provides the fullest account that I have read of the Gowkadal bridge massacre, among many other tragic tales.

Some of the victims of torture by the security forces also admitted that all soldiers were not bad — there were decent men too. But in the Kashmir valley, even the life of a student was fraught. His grief is clearly expressed in these lines: Nivht war comes closest to home when a man with a personal grudge against his father convinces the militants that the elder Peer is the enemy; his parents narrowly escape a land mine intended to kill them.

And after finishing crfewed book I feel that the rest of India actually have no right curfewec feel any umbrage for a few missing lines on a map. Quotes from Curfewed Night. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. And since this one-sided view showed a lot of hate towards my country, I cringed while reading it.

Book mainly focuses on nineties of Kashmir.