PROLOGUE TO THE CATECHETICAL LECTURES OF OUR HOLY FATHER, CYRIL, ARCHBISHOP OF JERUSALEM. 1. ALREADY there is an odour of. The famous Catechetical Lectures of Cyril, archbishop of Jerusalem, are a series of 23 addresses St. Cyril gave in the fourth century to new believers preparing. The Catechetical Lectures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem [St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Paul A. Boer Sr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. St. Cyril of.

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For if goodness is an attribute of God; if loving-kindness, beneficence, almighty power, are proper to God, then of two things one, either in calling Him God let the name and operation be united; or if they would rob Him of His operations, let them not give Him the bare name.

But let those also be of good cheer, who being married use marriage lawfully; who make a marriage according to God’s ordinance, and not of wantonness for the sake of unbounded license; who recognise seasons of abstinence, that they may give themselves unto prayer; who in our assemblies bring clean bodies as welt as clean garments into the Church; who have entered upon matrimony for the procreation of children, but not for indulgence.

Then of the New Testament there are the four Gospels only, for the rest have false titles and are mischievous. Witchcraft, and enchantment, and the wicked practices of necromancy, admit not even to a hearing.

He went down into the regions beneath the earth, that thence also He might redeem the righteous. But stone must follow stone by course, and corner match with corner, and by our smoothing llectures inequalities the building must thus rise evenly.

By faith, seafaring men, entrusting themselves to a tiny wooden craft, exchange the solid element of the land for the unstable motion of the waves. And catecehtical let the party of young women sit together in like manner, either singing or reading quietly, so that their lips speak, but others’ ears catch not the sound: I tell thee, By willing, by believing. His lustful eye he wasted away with tears saying, Every night will I wash my couch, and water my bed with my tears.

Now though the mind is cztechetical rapid in its thoughts, yet the tongue needs words, and a long recital of intermediary speech. The bridegroom, however, though bountiful, was not undiscerning: Since, therefore, it was necessary to break the heads of the dragon in pieces s He went down and bound the strong one in jeruzalem waters, that we might receive power to tread upon serpents and scorpions.


Cyril of Jerusalem

Stand aloof from all observance of Sabbaths, and from calling any indifferent meats common or unclean. Thus far there has been an inscription of your names, and a call to service, and torches of the bridal train, and a longing for heavenly citizenship, and a good purpose, and hope attendant thereon.

Cyril was able to return again at the accession of Emperor Gratian inafter which he remained undisturbed until his death in Matthew Mark Luke John.

Paul also is witness, saying, Neither fornicators, nor adulterers, nor the rest, shall inherit the kingdom of God. But David the king was not indignant, for he regarded not the speaker, but God who had sent him.

Who descended upon the Lord Jesus Christ in form of a dove; Who wrought in the Law and in the Prophets; Who now also at the season of Baptism sealeth thy soul; of Whose holiness also every intellectual nature hath need: Thou art running for thyself, see to thine own interest.

This is most clearly seen in his two major exiles where Cyril was disgraced and forced to leave his position and his people behind. For since God is called Faithful, thou also in receiving this title receivest a great dignity. Knowest thou not that a root breaks even a rock by long persistence?

For the wound is great. What then, some man will say, is it not written, The little ones’ Angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in heaven[? To whom be the glory, and the power unto the endless ages of eternity. Many have been crucified at various times; but of what other who was crucified did the invocation ever drive the devils away? Further, let the men when sitting have a useful book; and let one read, and another listen: So too the sick ask for wine; but if it be given at a wrong time it causes delirium, and two evils arise; the sick man dies, and the physician is blamed.

Latin Church Eastern Catholic Churches: For if it is wholly impossible to imagine His likeness, how shall thought come near His substance? O kf greatness of God’s loving-kindness, making mention even of harlots in the Scriptures: For if thou shale believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that God raised Him from the dead, thou shale be saved, and shale be transported into Paradise by Him who brought in thither the robber.


Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus was a distinguished theologian of the early Church c. Sacraments of BaptismConfirmation and the Eucharist. For after having gone down hence into Hades, and come up again to us, He ascended again from us into heaven, His Father addressing Him, and saying, Sit Thou on My right hand, until I make Thine enemies Thy footstool. In like manner again the lwctures in the briefest moment compasses earth and sea and all the bounds of the universe; but what it conceives in an instant, it uses many words to describe.

The lesson also which was read to-day invites you to the lecures faith, by setting before you the way in which you also must please God: If any man attempt to speak of God, let him first describe the bounds of the earth. But may you all hear, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou wast faithful over a few things, I will set thee jerusqlem many things: Solomon also fell jeursalem what saith he?


The writings always have the central message of the Bible; Cyril is not trying to add his own beliefs in reference to religious interpretation and remains grounded in true biblical teachings. Make ready then the vessel of thy soul, that thou mayest become a son of God, and an heir of God, and joint-heir with Christ; if, indeed, thou art preparing thyself that thou mayest receive; if thou art drawing nigh in faith that thou mayest be made faithful; if of set purpose thou art putting off the old man.

Little is known of his life before he became a bishop ; the assignment of his birth to the year rests on conjecture. I hare trusted in the mercy of God far ever,— an olive-tree not to be perceived by sense, but by the mind, and full of light. According to Theodoret, HE 2. To him sin is the consequence of freedom, not a natural condition.

But if we hold to the succession according to the flesh, we shall be compelled to say that the oracle was false.