Desertion — Ch. 4 (Clifford D. Simak, ). It was not the Jupiter he had known through the televisor. He had expected it to be different, but not. Desertion — Ch. 1 (Clifford D. Simak, ). Four men, two by two, had gone into the howling maelstrom that was Jupiter and had not returned. Simak, C.D., , Desertion, in Rabkin, E.S. (ed) Science Fiction: A Historical Anthology Oxford University Press, New York –

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In the Loper form, he is able to use one hundred percent of his brain. It’s about the elitism clidford human beings assuming that as the superior race anything or anyone who did not ‘return’ was a ‘deserter’. Science Fiction just isn’t my favorite genre, but I have a Sci Fi class so I have to read a ton of it. Froma year for questioning what being human was.

They experience the vibrations of an ammonia “waterfall” as music.

Open Preview See a Problem? It’s by far my favorite Simak short that I’ve read so far. Thus all humanity learns the truth about Jupiter, and most elect to leave Earth, give up their physical humanity and live transformed on Jupiter’s surface.

Desertion by Clifford D. Simak

The story also implies that the human method of colonisation is inherently flawed in that it separates itself from the environment, but also that the human mindset is petty and limited. But apparently it is because no one has ever come back! Even though I liked the setting, desertino were definitely some outdated ideas about Jupiter.


As the tales unfold, they recount a world where humans, having developed superior transportation, have abandoned the cities and moved into the countryside. There is an underlying theme throughout the book clifforc humans possess a fundamental aggressive flaw they will never be able to overcome.

The procedure seems to work perfectly – but something is going wrong. It would take minutes, maybe a couple hours at most. Gloria Campos rated it really liked it May 26, A edition of City includes this ninth tale; some but not all subsequent editions of the book also include “Epilog”.

Is it moral to send people on suicide missions?

Young People Read Old SFF | Desertion

Eventually, the human race dies out on the new world. Preview — Desertion by Clifford D.

Mar 12, Peter Tillman rated it it was amazing. The Ascent of Wonder: Is contained in The Road to Science Fiction 3: The dogs intervene in nature and distribute food to wild animals, managing to end virtually all predation. So far, the first desrtion test subjects have gone out into the wilds of Jupiter – and have not returned.

It also reminds me of the Acorna series with the enhanced senses and condescension towards non-telepaths. Shenandoah rated it simmak was amazing Jun 23, Become a LibraryThing Author.

Megan Votour rated it really liked it Mar 03, You can learn more about this science fiction author by reading the Wikipedia page about him.


Some of the ideas and themes explored sending minions out into danger from behind the safety of a shield were very much topical to and still unfortunately apply today.

A scientist is accompanied by Towser, his tired and flea-bitten old dog. Bob rated it really liked it Aug 22, This goes beyond post-humanism in its subversion of human existence, the characters are not concerned with what it means to be human, but have rather found a more ideal existence outside human experience.

No trivia or quizzes yet. It was hard for man to reconcile his puny self with edsertion mighty forces of the monstrous planet. Dean Lloyd rated it really liked it Feb 15, As mankind abandons the cities, each family becomes increasingly zimak.

Perhaps even lacking in certain senses that are necessary to true knowledge” Slmack I wasn’t looking forward to reading dimak story on vacation, I was worried that it would have too many characters, they’d debate issues clkfford were extremely dense and difficult to parse and didn’t even make senseand that it would be hard to find something to say about the story.