Introduction. Not so long ago a user on deciding to buy an acoustic set for his home theater (intended for computers) saw three main alternatives (according to . I have the digitheatre dts speakers and they do not have seperate rear speaker connections. Is there a sound card that will give me 4 point. Hi Guys, looking for some advice. I have the chance of getting a Videologic Digitheatre DTS system for <£50 and would like to know if this.

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And, it comes instinctively. Audax 10mm polymer dome tweeter. It has the ability to pump out audio of such high quality and clarity that it could match your Hifi and win. Forget everything you knew about Bass, times it by ten and then turn digitheatrw speakers up to full, the only thing that will distort is your emotions as your worry you might actually bring plaster from digitheatrd walls while the wonder off, it all pulls you right back in.

It feeds from two AAA batteries. Though many of these milestones were visually based in pictures, sound has been there most of the time as well.

Following next is the Mute button, as most already know, it turns the sound off of every channel. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Nov 17, Log in Don’t have an account?

The Setup (continued) – VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS: The Ferrari of Sound is here

The system is sleek enough to be a proud, permanent core to your entertainment center and yet would be a snap to take along to a new place if you ever have to move. Acoustics reproduced decently sound track recorded in Dolby Digital 5. As far as the price is concerned, I think that it’s appropriate.

I dont think u can get 4 point surround with those speakers. As for movies in DTS, you can look though a list on the official site of the developers of this standard www. The step from mono to stereo introduced the concept of directionality to sound, or as some would argue, the concept of realism. Audio System Designed for. Jun 23, Posts: Please be objective — like most of the AnandTech reviews; that is why come back to AnandTech again and again.


That pretty much brings us into the first half of the last century. Add on the ProLogic processing algorithms, and the center track was extracted from the mix for everyone to enjoy.

Speaker System Details Speaker Type. Are you trying to say that DTS is the next generation and that much better? To round off, weather your looking for directional support within games in the form of clear, crisp audio or weather you just want to have a better system to show off to your mates the Digitheatre DTS will not disappoint. Music by Joan E. Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: Log in Don’t have an account? Although plastic is not very good for music, as I suppose, the developers tried to do their best with the appropriate speaker geometry, acoustic material and rubber pads in points of support.

The VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS system consists of four satellites, plus a center speaker integrated into a control module for the system. Includes bracket-mounting holes and removable grilles brackets available separately from www.

VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS: The Ferrari of Sound is here

However, it is designed with less compression in an attempt to preserve more of the original multitrack master. This site uses cookies to improve the overall experience. I would call it an intermediate variant between a serious consumer audio systems and easy computer speakers.

Input select Digital optical, digital coaxial or analog line in. Serial cable, Audio digital cable, Audio cable.

Amazon Music makes Alexa chattier but just as dorky Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear. Or were you just recycling some marketing material?


First, overloading of a computer corner with different stuff and cables. This is quite an improvement compared to the DigiTheatre set that was capable of 67 Watts in total. Hmm, I was under the impression that the DTS was fts of 4. In order to obtain the most realistic results, each speaker has to be operating at the same volume level.

I understand that when it comes to judging the quality of audio, in the end, it is highly subjective.

Included with the system is a stereo RCA to minijack cable, and a normal stereo RCA cable for interfacing to other equipment. The subwoofer contains the diigitheatre for the system.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. For example with MP3 and don’t say me that they different depend on algorithms, they have the one principle inside – lossy compression. The quality is phenomenal.

digitheatre dts and gaming question. – Ars Technica OpenForum

More directional technologies were seen first in the theatre with multitrack playback for movies. Videologic decided to keep it as basic as possible by not implanting a LCD screen and these entirely useless buttons that are generally resulting in nothing more than confusion.

Here is a photo of the subwoofer without a tissue frame: First is its casing. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8, Solsman Dec 6, Interestingly that beside these two systems I found two more positions: Jan 3, Posts: The second variant is a set made with improvised means, you should just add to the quality of Hi-Fi level system missing elements how you can do it I wrote in my article Santa Cruz sound card review.