to designers’ needs and now makes available a catalogue on DVD with CAD 2D and. 3D drawings of all its products. General index. ELESA+GANTER is the name of the commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders in the design and manufacture of standard machine elements. Search in Ganter catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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Operating catalogeu, Clamping knobs, Clamping levers, U-Handles, Fixed, Revolving and fold-away handles, Control elements, Rotary control, Indexing elements, Machine elements, Joints, Leveling elements, Hinges, Latches, Toggle power and hook clamps, accessories for hydraulic system.

Glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based PA techno polymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents. Maximum continuous working temperature: Special alloy with a high attractive power, to keep metal e,esa in oil.

Aluminium, fine turned finish. In polyamide based PA technopolymer, black colour, watertight, with a built-in relay reed with two conductors wired to the two-pin connector.

It can be moved along the axis of the indicator and secured in the preferred position with the appropriate screw set screw in technopolymer.

With built-in cable gland and contact holders.


Properly set, it offers an effective product protection against water sprays IP 65 protection class according to IEC table that can be increased during installation with the necessary adjustments. NBR synthetic rubber packing rings. Polypropylene based PP technopolymer, black colour, with a built-in magnetic element to activate the electric contact when the float reaches the trigger threshold.

The trigger threshold is determined by the user, by positioning the sensor holder along the axis of the indicator. In polyamide based PA technopolymer. Essential in cases where the reservoir is made out of ferromagnetic material in order to prevent the ganteg between the magnet and the metal mass of the reservoir.

Cqtalogue is possible to apply more than one kit to get the electric control of different gater, consistently with the height of the transparent column.

Injected polyurethane, hardness 55 Shore D. Directly made into the centre. Excellent rolling resistance and elasticity, good wear and tearing resistance.

Suitable for use in environments with the presence of atmospheric agents, alcohols and glycols; weak organic and mineral acids, catalogie and saturated vapour. Mechanical moving with towing devices: For mechanical towing, please see the technical specifications to determine the capacity variation.

If operating temperatures in an application differ from the standard range of values, please see the technical specifications to determine the capacity variation. Mould-on polyurethane, hardness 95 Shore A.


Hub with ball bearings. Ideal solution for gatner loads and continuous moving. Excellent rolling resistance and elasticity, high wear and tearing resistance. F5 wheel is suitable for use in environments with the presence of atmospheric agents, alcohols and glycols; use in environments with the presence agnter organic and mineral acids, basic solutions and saturated vapour is not recommended.

Vulcanised rubber; hardness 83 Shore A. E2-N wheel may be mounted on different kind of trolleys, with medium-light loads; it is also suitable for outdoor use. Elastic rubber, hardness 85 Shore A. G1 has good wear and tearing resistance. Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based leesa PA with the exception of VB. This knob has been designed for heavy duty work where the use of a hammer for a firmer clamping action is required. Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based Gqnter technopolymer.

AISI stainless steel boss, threaded blind hole. Zinc-plated steel threaded stud, chamfered flat end according to UNI Technopolymer in Ergostyle colours, glossy finish.

Black-oxide turned ground steel. Black-oxide steel body and hardened steel thrust point. The thrust point of DIN tommy screws is designed to be used with or without banter thrust pad for clamping.

The snap ring is a simple cataoogue quick method to connect the thrust pad to the tommy screw. Zinc alloy die-cast, epoxy resin coating. Black-oxide steel with threaded hole and toothed element for coupling to the lever body, treaded steel retaining screw and return spring. Particularly suitable when the lever turning angle is limited owing to lack of space.

Order catalogues

Graduations can be laser-engraved on the plain surface of the control knobs and on plain flanges with high-precision and perfect readability. The graduations, consisting of marks and numbers, are available as indicated in the diagram here below.

All the graduations are available for minimum quantities that depend on the size of the knob and on the type of graduation chosen. These quantities are determined during the quotation analysis. Revolving cylindrical handles GN Normal roller carriage, central arrangement, Type R: Radial roller carriage, lateral arrangement, Type S: Narrow roller carriage, central arrangement. Rollers – Anti-friction bearing steel, hardened: Ball mounted, sealed 2RSpermanent lubrication. Plastic, PUR, grey, Steel insert, zinc plated.

Slides and end plates: Aluminium, press formed and anodised extrusion, natural colour.

Lead spindle and ball bearing: Brass boss, plain or threaded blind hole. Duroplast and technopolymer are resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Phenolic based PF Duroplast. The elastic coupling, by press-fit assembly on h9 tolerance drawn stock bars, is not affected by vibrations and prevents the handle from slipping off. Fit the handle onto slight chamfered shaft end and push as far as possible by hand or by means of a small press. Alternatively it is possible to tap the handle slightly with a plastic or wooden mallet until firmly in place.

  ISO 27799 PDF

In this case we strongly recommend to use a cloth or other suitable soft material over the product to avoid any surface damage. Polyamide based PA technopolymer handle. Black-oxide steel stud, sintered and oxidised steel flat base for embedded mounting, black-oxide steel screw. Handle pivots freely during operation. This series of fold-away handles has been designed for all those applications for which, owing to lack of space or for safety reasons, the handle must be folded-away once the operation has been completed.

High-resilience polyamide based PA technopolymer. AISI stainless steel. Rotation angle approximate value: Do not exceed the rotation angle limit so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical peformance. Do not exceed the rotation angle limit so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical performance. The switching angle see Built-in safety switch functioning and maintenance is guaranteed from this position. The normal use of the hinge is for positive angles only. Polyurethan PUR, black colour. Sheet body and metal parts: Zinc-plated case-hardened steel C10, blue passivated.

Hardened and tempered steel. Oil-resistant, solid plastic, red colour. All moving parts are lubricated with special grease. The clamping arm is blanked out from solid and reinforced metal sheet suitable for heavy duty applications.

During the closing movement the arm is guided on both sides to prevent it from being affected by possible side thrust. Body and metal parts: Zinc-plated steel, blue passivated. GN plunger clamps are known for their low height in all clamping positions.

The hot forged brass body gives the clamp cata,ogue. In addition brass offers excellent gliding characteristics for guiding the plunger. Parts in sheet metal: Case-hardened steel C10, blackened. Steel St 32, blackened. All moving parts lubricated with special grease. The latch clamp GN also features a locking mechanism which prevents the inadvertent or vibration-induced opening of the clamp. Another benefit is the option of operating the clamp with one hand. C-Clamps GN feature an especially robust, sturdy and compact design, allowing them to be used under severe and demanding conditions, e.

The C-Clamps are normally installed and fixed at the clamping point. The counter plate supplied loose has a ball socket and is designed for catalpgue to the counter piece to be clamped.