A novel both timely and prophetic, Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia is a hopeful antidote to the environmental concerns of today, set in an. Ecotopia,” the ’70s cult novel, has seeped into the American PRESCIENT In Ernest Callenbach’s ’70s book, residents of Ecotopia recycle and. Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach. Few philosophies have a greater mutual suspicion and natural antipathy to each other than libertarianism and.

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As a writer, Abbey was in another league, but his sensibilities were also a world apart. This doesn’t sound like any reporter that I know. According to Scott Timberg, quoting University ernestt Nevada environmental-literature professor Scott Slovic in The New York Times”‘Ecotopia’ [the concept] became almost immediately absorbed into the popular culture. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Demeaning to men and women alike, very dated with racist and sexist overtones, seemed written by a drnest idiot with zero understanding of basic human emotions and motivations — with very little political and economic acumen to boot.

Grist’s comments only work with JavaScript. Even a nurse in an Ecotopian hospital adds sex to her healing methods. I could quote the whole thing – my list of highlights is both impressive and daunting – ecotoipa I really feel I’m better serving other potential readers by simply urging them to read it and discover those moments of brilliance for themselves.

Mine was already read by others. Politics involves all citizens. Cal, Oregon and Washington secede from ‘Merica and are isolated for decades and a NY journalist visits for the first time since secession. Evil is in exile, banished to the old world beyond the borders. Unfortunately, aside from the political agenda with the subtlety of assault and battery, the story such as it is isn’t that interesting or told all that well.

Revisiting the 1970s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation

Thomas Jefferson fcotopia other American patriots were quoted in its defense. And that’s a good thing. What kinds of comments and curiosity would you recommend about this book? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jun 26, David rated it really liked it. So, poor story, only fair story telling wrapped around a creamy center of political claptrap.

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That was probably the aspect that I did not think, at the time, was realistic. But I still much enjoyed reading it!

The “leading edges” his main ideas for Ecotopian values and practices were patterns in actual social experimentation taking place in the American West. This is a nov This is one of the most important books ever written — no joke. The tape-recorded diaries of William Weston were read by the book’s author, Ernest Callenbach. Since when is it environmental to waste wood by letting it rot away? Even better, I was impressed by how many of his ideas came to pass. What’s not to like? Part of the novel is callennbach private journal entries; the other parts his published columns.

Mar 24, Fordon James rated it really liked it. What’s the Name o InCallenbach published Ecotopia Emerginga multi-strand “prequel” suggesting how the sustainable nation of Ecotopia could have come into existence.

As for “free” marijuana, we are in the midst of a world where many if not most people I know have tried marijuana, many people I know still love to enjoy it whether or not it is ‘legal’ to do so, and where many states have begun acknowledging that marijuana smoking is often far less dangerous to society or to individuals than, say, consuming alcohol, by easing laws and restrictions despite continuing federal opposition.

We can do everything we do now in more or less the same way, but we can do it differently and sustainably and green. At the time Ecotopia was written, such ideas were mainly associated with radicals in the Black Power and other ethnic movements.

Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach | : Books

It is nonsense to propose a system of direct, personal and ecological exchange and to permit at the same time the vehicle of anonymous, indirect, centralized circulation money. Gender equality, government-subsidised minimum standards of living, the movement towards a reduction in standard working hours, many different ecological movements – they’re all mentioned here, as well as so many more progressive and equalitarian ideals. Think of this as going to the museum to see the Atlas Maior of Joan Blaeu, the Declaration of Independence, or whatever is your favorite old document.


I’ve seen reviews on this site that excoriated this novel due to the “free” sex and the “free” marijuana featured as a part of Ecotopian culture, and I’d like to comment on these things as well but not to excoriate srnest.

Ccallenbach is the most plausible utopia I have encountered, because it does not seek the perfection of humans or of nature. The term ” ecotopian fiction “, as a subgenre of science fiction and utopian fictionmakes implicit reference to this book. I have mixed feelings about this book. For decades this was the only book I couldn’t finish. And about social relations. The fact that many elements of ‘Ecotopia’ not only appear strange to the protagonist eoctopia also to the 21st century reader behavior, work ethics, etc.

Read more from Callenabch Mangum. Despite offering a variety of fascinating and frightening possibilities for social change, the reader is bound to find the narrative of Ecotopia a bit flat and tensionless. The urban-ecology movement, concerned with a new approach to urban planning. Ecotopia is a new country, its territory consists of Northen California, Oregon and Washing This is a jewel.

But maybe I got it wrong. Because I could have been living in Ecotopia instead of reading it.