Rereadings: It caused outrage at the time, but Forever Amber Kathleen Winsor’s story of an English adventuress who becomes one of the. Kathleen Winsor’s Forever Amber, the naughtiest novel of , has just been reprinted. Lock up your servants. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Kathleen ioned.

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Forever Amber

But even then, though he’s glad to take advantage of her every time he visits London, Bruce Carlton is not at all interested in marrying Amber, and she is not at all put off. Inreviewers were qinsor by the novel’s matter-of-fact sexual content, especially coming from a young woman, but in doing so missed the point.

I have never left a review about a I know some of you just love this book This is one of those books that automatically comes kathledn the byline, “If you loved Gone With the Wind Now comes the really sad news: Bruce definitely is a different character than the other men in Amber’s life. The book depicts sin, not in its glamour but in its ugliness. I suspect Bruce Carlton would not be enough for her either, but the fact that she cannot have him makes him seem like the ultimate prize.

Forever Amber – Wikipedia

Those places he had seen, she would never see; those fine things he had done, she would never do. Feb 07, Tara rated it it was amazing Shelves: I for one loved this book The ending kind of annoyed me but everything has to have an end. With Bruce gone again, Amber finds her fortunes on the rise as Barbara Palmer ages and falls out of favour. It seems there will be a turnaround. Clare manages, by using her wits, beauty, and courage, to climb to the highest position a woman could achieve in Restoration England—that of favorite mistress of the Merry Monarch, Charles II.


I was intrigued by her canny and distinctly uns attitude to childbirth. She gets out of prison by attaching herself to a highwayman, and soon finds that she can earn a living on the stage and by certain other means. Granted, it’s in England in the ‘s but Scarlett and Rhett are both present and accounted for in characters Amber and Bruce. Clare runs away from the countryside to London with a handsome young courtier after one afternoon with him.

The royal sphere and Amber’s own gauche one were both rotten and unlikable in their own ways. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Carlton is an adventurer, disguised as a privateer for the Crown, Bruce refuses to crawl on his belly in Court to regain what was once his or clamor and scheme for power.

This review is sad.

Rereadings: Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor | Books | The Guardian

She could have been happy yet she was so fixated on Bruce she ruined everything for herself. Unfortunately Rex realizes who she has been spending time with and challenges Bruce to a duel which results in Rex dying and Bruce leaving once more. The Eagle and the Raven Pauline Gedge. That combination can only have short-term rewards in that era. From there she lands in one adventure or another, men always involved.

You have to decide for yourself what you are looking for in a book.

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The devouring, hungry kisses and languid afterglows are all here without the moder While it’s certainly not a “bodice ripper” in the modern sense, Winsor certainly laid the groundwork for the genre with her novel of the multiple amorous and mercenary adventures of one Amber St.

I appreciate Winsor’s research the plague portion rightly deserves its fameand it did much to make the book worth the read, but I am quite glad there was no sequel. They put in ellipses instead. In the background, London falls silent except for the tolling of bells and the cries of “Bring out your dead!


She includes many details about the time period that another author just wouldn’t bother to include or the editor would have the author remove it this were written in more recent times. Finally, this is a very interesting peek into the court of Charles II, the great fire, the plague, the troubles of the restoration, the constant wars with France and the Dutch, and the rise of English imperialism.

Gruesome, gruesome scene from the description of the plague to our dainty little heroine’s actions.

Clare Channell Dangerfield Radclyffe Stanhope. I just found this and am amazed. When she informs him that she is pregnant the king arranges for her to marry Gerald Stanhope, a man a year younger than Amber, to hide the pregnancy.

It is not true to life. For me then, there was this marvelous love she had for this man who was always just out of reach I would mistakenly have said through no fault of her own. She catches the eye of Captain Rex Morgan, the paramour of Beck Marshall another actress in the company and succeeds in persuading him to pay to keep her. It’s a really sad and obsessive unrequited relationship but it’s also very real and I see happening a lot to my single friends.

Trivia About Forever Amber. Here we meet the grotesque Mrs Spong and the “ghoulish” Mrs Maggot, parasites who rob and poison their patients. Sex is fade to black by the way.

She is taken advantage of.