FR E520 3.7K PDF

FR-EK to K(C). FR-EK to K(C) ○Removal. (For the FR- EK to K, FR-ESK to K, FR-EW-. K to K). FR-E FR-EKND to KND. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. OUTLINE Economy, Trade and Industry) in September, applies to the K and less. : USED MITSUBISHI FR-EK-NA,FR-PA INVERTER, 5hp, v,BOXYB: Everything Else.

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FR-E520-3.7K.Mitsubishi inverter (used)

Connect a dedicated brake resistor only. Fr-e to – ec; fr-es to – ec pages. When you need to change the cooling fan, contact the nearest Mitsubishi FA Center. Automatic restart after instantaneous power failure uses a reduced-voltage starting system in which the output voltage is raised gradually with the preset frequency unchanged, independently of the coasting speed of the motor. To 3.7 the Pr.


This mode is displayed only in PU operation. Always make sure that polarity is correct to prevent damage etc.

Otherwise, the detection signal may not be output when torque is not generated at a low output current.

Page – Regenerative brake duty Pr. Those of the V class are isolated. Earth ground fault on the secondary side of the inverter can be detected at the running frequency of Hz or lower. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Refer to page 48 for selection.


Alarm stop display “E. Page – Output current detection function Pr. You can make parameter setting to output the minor fault signal. A member of our team will respond as soon e50 possible.

To ensure that the motor is protected not to be influenced by line-to-line leakage currents, we recommend the protection method which uses a temperature sensor to directly detect motor temperature. Removal For the FR-E Page – 5. Please forward this manual to the end user. Terminal PC is common to the contact input signals. Set them according to the operation specifications, load, etc. Earth ground Fault Detection At Start pr. The external frequency setting signal and PU’s forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop keys are not accepted.


Terminal FM provides the pulse output. Page 93 Page 94 – Parameters recommended to be set by the The electronic thermal reray function does not guarantee protection of the motor from overheating. Offline Auto Tuning Function pr. By pressing the key at ft point without M O D E resetting the inverter, the display shows the output frequency.


The connection orientation of the output cables U, V, W to the motor will affect the direction of rotation of the motor. We understand that credit is a necessary part of business and offer credit agreements on request, subject to status.

Note that motor noise increases. Page 17 Page 18 – Removal and reinstallation of the wiring The inverter cannot be ffr by entering the RES signal. Cooling Fan Operation Selection pr. Page 82 – Combined operation mode 1 Operation usi These common terminals must not be earthed grounded to the ground. Otherwise nearby electronic equipment may be affected. Refer to page The setting of this function is valid for 3.7o combined, PU, external and communication operations.

Check that the input signal lines are not affected by external noise. Fr-esc to sc-ene; fr-essc to sc-ene 38 pages. Output frequency Parameter Factory Setting For 3-speed setting, if two or three speeds are simultaneously selected, priority is given to the frequency setting of the lower signal.