: Fingerstyle Funk [VHS]: Francis Rocco Prestia, Alexis At last, bass players around the world are allowed a rare, in-depth look into the style . a ton of money learning what would otherwise require dozens of private lessons. Francis Rocco Prestia tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including fingerstyle funk. A very special chance to not only witness the talents of this superb bass guitarist, but also to recieve a thirty-minute intimate lesson with the man himself. Joined.

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He was a grade in front of me. And all those guys are very well-educated, the way they came up.

BASS LESSON: Francis Rocco Prestia Finger-style Funky Bass

Is your right-hand picking two fingers or three? TC Electronic RS 2x It was the kind of music we wanted to play and, to accomplish that, we needed horn players. I came up that way.

Signature bass cab made by Eden, listed on his official website more. Follow to get Rocco Prestia’s gear updates. Vintage Fender Precision Bass. After being a band member for so long, how did you decide what direction to take for a solo project?


As far as a solo album, it was an opportunity offered, and it just worked out. For contractual reasons, engineer Ron Capone was credited as producer of the sophomore release, but Prestia concurs that Cropper produced it. I mean, superstar bands all together in one night — that was just a common thing. We still have four originals. Once I got into soul, that was it.

But the similarities in these two bassists run much deeper than just notes or rhythms. Arteffect Bonnie Wah Phil Feser.

What kind of strings do you like? The Fillmore, Bill Graham — forget about it.

How will the new album compare with the previous Tower of Power releases? Although there are many who owns a five-string pesson, only very few explore the instrument to its full potential initially.

Do you write a lot of music? I never gave it a lot of thought. That was the place! I had a Silvertone guitar and amp I bought from Sears; 60 bucks for the set. He knew how to arrange the horns to get the maximum out of the section.

Rocco Prestia plays Conklin basses.

BASS LESSON: Francis Rocco Prestia Finger-style Funky Bass – video dailymotion

Baws Sklarevski is a phenomenal teacher, and has the rare ability to put all the pieces together in a refreshingly logical, integrated fashion.


There was no place like that in the world. Steve Bauiley will take us to a new depth in our approach to this new instrument. The Whispers were around then, the Natural Four — there were singing groups, but they were soul. Not just the bass players, but musicians and music fans, as well. Starting with the fundamentals of slap technique, Sklarevski elaborates one step at a time franics you progress through such exciting ideas as: I went down and got a bass and that was that.

Contribute to this page. What about Geezer Butler?

We really got hip to soul music! You mentioned a lot of the other sounds — Philly, Basa, Muscle Shoals. He was in and out so many times. It was all good.