A scathingly funny reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments from the larger, louder half of world-famous magic duo Penn and Teller reveals an atheist’s. God, No! by Penn Jillette – The New York Times bestselling reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments from the larger, louder half of the world-famous magic. Even if you believe in God, you might still be atheist. That’s what Penn Jillette argues in his new book God, No! Signs You May Already Be an.

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The 80 Best Books of The secret to his success.

Magician Penn Jillette Says ‘God, No!’ To Religion

He later brags about threatening a female social worker. Preview — God, No! His parents and sister who were Christians have passed away and his current friends and wife are all non-believers.

They’ll win only in the short term; but we only get to live in the short term. I agree that it is a serious infringement on civil rights. We saw Penn and Teller in Las Vegas last year and it was a great show. You don’t have to force schools to say there’s no god, but you have to say it yourself. If all of science were wiped out, it would still be true and someone would find a way to figure it all out again. Dec 26, Travis rated it liked it. On stage, he has Teller to rein him in, with this book, nobody was willing to step up and go ‘Penn, if you happen to see the point of this story, could you try and grab it and stay with it for a page?

I agree with a lot, and disagree with less, but he is still a pig. Heard on Talk of the Nation. The 70 Best Albums of This book is funny, provocative and profane. It is full of some of the funniest damn stories I’ve ever heard. The love of family is palpable and admirable.


At the halfway point, honoring one’s parents earns powerful elucidation. Don’t have a Kindle?

Magician Penn Jillette Says ‘God, No!’ To Religion : NPR

Penn Jillette is extremely vulgar in this book. Grice rated it really liked it Shelves: One of Jillette’s core principles is that there is no God.

So overall I didn’t really enjoy this book. For someone who relishes pointing out gkd fallacies, he certainly clings to fallacies and stereotypes heavily himself. Sep 30, Book rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m an adult; if I’m not enjoying a book, I’m going to move on.

About 20 percent or more of this book has nothing to do with atheism or religion, they are just funny stories from his past. He’s also crass, rude, and fairly disgusting, but he comes across as possessing a child’s joy of life in his vulgarity.

While Jillette writes with a witty finesse that certainly adds humor to nl stories, it is usually masked underneath layers of unbridled profanity and vulgarity. A scathingly funny reinterpretation of the Jillettw Commandments from the larger, louder half of world-famous jiolette duo Penn and Teller reveals an atheist’s experience in the world: See all reviews.

Yet even these stories tend to shed light on or illustrate the thesis of the particular suggested Penn Commandment. Oh well- doesn’t seem like a big loss. All the same, Penn insists that faith wastes time, holds up the potential progress of science and love, and gives aid to “dangerous extremism”.

God, No! – Wikipedia

Penn and one of the guys from ZZ Top are best buds, just fyi. You may not have to be brave or smart to be an atheist, Jillette says, but you do have to be humble.


I’m now writing my own novel called “Santa Claus No! And then Dawkins offers up his stuff, and Trey offers up his stuff.


You love your family and take care of the people around you that you love, and if you’re a good person you’ll extend that to others. Even when I agree with him on an initial point, he takes it over the line to a place I just can’t follow. Some of the stories have nothing to do with nk directly, but they will give you a feel for how one goofy atheist lives his life in turn-of-the-century America.

Without science, Earth still goes around the sun, and someday someone would find a jilette to discover that again. In between these raunchy and hilarious stories Penn weaves in atheist wisdom, anti-religious brilliance and plenty of his libertarian politics. A lot of people don’t like that sort of challenge, especially when it’s put forth by a crude in-your-face loud ijllette asshole. One might argue that he’s a comedian, and he’s simply trying to be funny in the manner of Jonathan Swift. It’s hard to see and hear Penn Jillette without forming some sort of opinion.

It’s mostly outlandish and questionable stories about his sexual life that you have to challenge he jilltete himself seem like an ’80 tommy leehis non-stop Let me start by saying I was a more of a fan then hater before the book, now I’m about even. Now that’s something to put in a book! He’s a fascinating and unique nutjob, and I love him for it. Jillethe he is happily married and has two children.