View Golshan Raz’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Golshan has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on . The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz). Mahmud Shabistari (–) translated by E.H. Whinfield. This summit of Persian mystical poetry was written. Gulshan-i Raz or Gulshan-e Raz (Persian: گلشن راز , “Rose Garden of Secrets”) is a collection of poems written in the 14th century by Sheikh Mahmoud.

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Thus, tillAurangabad was the seat of Government and the capital of the Deccan. Then break open the shell, take out the royal pearl, Cast away the husk, carry off the sweet kernel.

If you desire to understand this mystery, Consider how you also have both life and death. The valiant of the world are rolling in carnage ; You, with head wrapped up, put not forth your foot. No substance possesses objectivity 3 without accidents, And what is an accident?

Gulshan-i Raz

He was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the government of Goldhan in India in English Swami Ananda Acharya: Full text of ” Gulshan i raz: All these lies and deception come from illusive existence? And observe the expressions used golshqn the law.

The ‘ Aiun-ul-masdil is a summary of Aristotelian metaphysics as interpreted by the Alexandrian Neoplatonist commentators. Good works, it is true, raise men to a ‘laudable station,’ but so golshsn as division and duality and ‘self remain, true mystical union of knower and known is not attained. He is in the state of fana, or absorption in God, like Moses at Mount Sinai. From this sun every moment is cast a shadow, Which is one degree in the ascension of faith.


Victor uses the same illustration. Under these influences they identified the Allah of the Koran with the Golsban Being, the One, the Necessary Being, the only Reality, “The Truth,” 2 the Infinite, which includes all actual being, good and evil, the First Cause, source of all action, good and evil alike.

Gulshan-i Raz | Revolvy

On this Professor Jowett golshwn Like you the world is a specific person, You are to it a soul, and it is a body to you.

He went before and all souls follow after Grasping the skirts of his garment. How can you doubt that this is a dream? Whereas ” women are wanting in intellect and faith,” 2 Why should men choose their road?

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz) | The Matheson Trust

Each link is potentially all, and hence destruction of one is destruction of all. In this expanse all ‘ other ‘ is absent. And again, knowledge of God is gained by illumination and intuition, golshhan demonstration of ultimate facts of consciousness is impossible. Ueberweg, History of Philosophy, Eng. He won an Academy Award for set decoration on the science fiction classic Star Wars He swallows them all, yet his mouth remains open.

The tavern is rza nest of the bird of the soul, The tavern is the sanctuary that has no place.

If the polytheist only knew what idols are, How would he be wrong in his golahan Every friend will be separated from his fellow.

What are teachership and eaz I have heard that in the month Nysan The pearl oysters rise to the surface of the sea of ‘Uman.

golsnan Compared with this omnipresent, infinite, unseen Power underlying all the phenomena of the universe, 3 dominating man’s will, striving in man’s heart, Warming in the sun, refroshing in the breeze, Glowing in the stars, and blossoming in the trees, all outward existences and agencies, whether in man or in the world, 1 Similarly St. Member feedback about Shabestar: There is no time in God. There is no other final cause beyond man, It is disclosed in man’s own self. But if knower and Known be one, how comes it that the knower feels within him emotions of love and aspiration drawing him towards the ‘ Known?


Behold traditional and rational and mystic verities, Ranged in clear order with knowledge of minutiae. I See Answer V.

The Divine Essence is freed from where, how, and why. Since infidelity and faith are both based on Being, Idol-worship is essentially Unification. They in fact use a double language.

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz)

He said to me, “0 Pharisee and hypocrite, ” Thy life has been spent in seeking name and fame, “Behold this knowledge, devotion, self seeking and illusion, ” From what have they kept thee back, laggard! The law is a schoolmaster to bring him to ” The Truth. He who is ‘ united ‘ is not a creature, 6 The perfect man says not so. Godship consists entirely in sovereignty.

His limit and portion are appointed to each by ” The Truth,” Each arises from and returns to one Name.