This is often not so with HackMaster; in fact, complete gaming newbs sometimes command a distinct learning-curve advantage over their seasoned RPG. HackMaster Basic is an introduction to the HackMaster roleplaying game. price point (FREE) for a complete RPG with detailed Player and GameMaster. I’ve been playing the latest edition of HackMaster (“5th Edition”, “Advanced HackMaster”, whatever you want to call it) off and on for about a.

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Now a few things about HackMaster Basic you should know. This inexpensive PDF expands upon the free version with added rules, combat options, spells and advancement to 10th level.

The characters in the comic began playing fictional HackMaster 3rd Editionwhich was updated and published in as a numerously revised 4th edition. I wouldn’t hackmasteg trusting a “Review” of HackMaster by anyone that has never played it.

I review plenty of things I haven’t played. At pages, HackMaster Basic is a large book, its two-column text being dense and chart-heavy.

There’s frankly hackmastter much expectation that I or anyone else like the same things as everybody else.


At this point, a fair warning is probably in order. As far as the randomness goes, it’s important to note that you’re never penalized for going against it at least as far as the initial roll for ability scores goesbut rather players who accept the randomness are rewarded for doing so. Just one of those strange quirks of the printing buisness. The adventure is just beginning. On the subject of “gamer culture” and HackmasterI hackmasher up on the original comics very early on, as they completely went over my head.

My problem with the dice chapter are 1 it’s a copy of the dice chapters from previous editions, 2 it’s a free download 3 they claim game is now no longer a parody 4 there are important things missing from HMB that could have gone in those pages. HackMaster would have been great 20 years ago, but then again, RuneQuest already did hacmmaster lot of what HM does now.


It was a satire of a certain of gaming group everyone ran across in the old days.

Kenzer & Company HackMaster

For example, spending BPs allows a player to rearrange or swap randomly-determined ability scores, while keeping them as rolled earns one additional BPs. Its very much written with an old school mentality but with some newer rule mechanics for example all the stats have real value, even to a tank fighter and Ive always been a huge fan of the honor rules Kenzer has developed. Indeed, HackMaster Basic feels very much like a product of that era and I suspect one’s opinion of it will depend greatly on how much one liked late 1e.

I think people are going a little over the top on the complexity angle here.

Doug February 18, at 8: You’ll never have enough Building Points to pick up every talent, proficiency, or skill that you want. On Wild Lands and Wild Folk.

Blood Clans of Jorikk Venture into the great Lake Jorakk wilderness, a remote and grim landscape providing a Nordic home all but limitless in its scope and possibility. Anthony February 18, at 5: If you can convince your group to give it a go, even just once, I definitely suggest you do.

You said it best “it’ll appeal greatly to the kind of people it appeals to”. Heck, Kevvy S doesn’t even really play by his own books’ rules but he is known for running some utterly righteous game sessions. All the randomness itself ever hinders is optimization of your character. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat Spun off from the Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip.


The other alternatives would have been leaving hackmxster several pages of important material or significantly delaying the production process while more new material was written. Use of this site constitutes acceptance hakmaster our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you played it and it isn’t to your liking that’s one thing, but to try and provide a review of a game without out playing just shows to me that you are already biased against the game and you haven’t given it a fair chance. The deluxe Hxckmaster Player’s Handbook expands upon Basic with new races, classes, skills, talents and advancement opportunities to 20th level.

Now, I know it’s not for everyone, but it certainly has worked for us. Little Keep on the Borderlands C1: This is where the notion of “gamer cultures” probably comes into play. Combo Specials We offer discounted specials if you wish to pick up several books at once. Newer Post Older Post Home. You don’t like random chargen, derived statistics, complex combat systems, and fantasy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Pookie February 18, at 2: Class options are likewise the classic four: Humor aside though, what did you think of the rules for the character generation and combat systems? Adam Thornton February 18, at