Hidato also known as “Hidoku”, is a logic puzzle game invented by Dr. Gyora M. Benedek, an Israeli mathematician. The goal. Printable Hidato Logic Puzzles. Hidato sounds as Japanese as Sudoku, but it is actually a game developed by Dr. Gyora Benedek, an Israeli mathematician. Printable Hidato Number Snake logic puzzles for kids.

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Mixed Critical Thinking Skills. Mathematical Sequences and Number Patterns. Puzzle video games Logic puzzles Israeli inventions. The goal is to fill the grid with a series of consecutive numbers adjacent to each other puzzlse, horizontally, or diagonally. Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook. With this coding style the changes in the code become less bug-prone, but also more laborious.

This same solver is used in:. Hidato Puzzles are a kind of logic puzzle in which numbers are placed in a square grid.

These numbers have to connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. HLPsolver may be used to solve Knight’s tour:. It currently runs slowish due to temporary shortcomings in untyped Racket’s array indexing, but finished immediately when tested with custom 2d vector library.


The goal of Hidato is to fill a certain grid with numbers. These numbers have to connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Dolch Sight Word Printables and Worksheets. This may lead to harder puzzles.

Just as Sudoku, though, Hidato is logic-based and not per definition a math puzzle. Fill in the missing numbers in the grids The grids are divided into cells that are either filled in by a number or empty.

It can have inner holes like a discbut it has to be made of only one piece. However, there exist very hard Hidato puzzzles, even of small size.

Free Hidato Puzzles |

One key to hidqto solution is, it does not have to be built in ascending or descending order; it can be built piecewise, with pieces starting from different givens. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Moreover, a Hidato puzzle intended for human solvers should have a solution that can be found by more or less simple logic. This page was last modified on 27 Juneat The highest and smallest numbers are clearly stated and depending on the difficulty level, some numbers are already printed on the grid.

The more difficult the logic puzzle, the less clue numbers are printed. Explore Math in English. The rules of Hidato are, as with Sudoku, fairly simple. This version is also faster, its total runtime is about 0.


Solar System and Planets. In every Hidato puzzle the smallest and the highest numbers are given on the grid. The task is to write a program which solves Hidato aka Hidoku puzzles. This end number can be 25, 36, 49, 64, 81,ordepending on the grid size a grid of 10 by 10 contains cells.

The checks slow down simpler puzzles significantly, but can make some deep recursions backtrack much earilier. Page Discussion Edit History.

Printable Number Hidato Puzzles

On their website you can determine the size of the grid and the difficulty level. Our other Hidato Puzzles. This solution uses the module “hidato-family-solver. In the harder versions, the grid is larger, and fewer numbers are provided. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.