Impossible. by Nancy Werlin. Seventeen-year-old Lucy Scarborough appears to lead a normal life. She is a junior in high school, runs track. A beautifully wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin Inspired by the classic folk ballad “Scarborough. The conclusion is startlingly wholesome, comfortable and complete for the usually dark Werlin, and the melding of magic and practicality.

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It’s also the fault of the writing that I got bored halfway through, and had to force myself to keep going. The turning of each page reveals another fact about the family curse.

Impossible (Impossible, #1) by Nancy Werlin

But she need not to worry, because soon after, her friend Zach decides all of a sudden that he’s in love with her. To ask other readers questions about Impossibleplease sign up. The story itself is not too bad, but it, and all the characters are so underdeveloped nanct rather than pulling you into the world of the story, you are left aware that it is a bit far-fetched and reaching.

Now for the villain, Pradraig, he was perfect.

There’s not nearly enough exclamation marks in that review. Oh man where to begin.

That was the breacking point for me. In a few words it impossiblw a con “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? I think this is why Speak worked so well for me. She accepts her fate unnaturally quickly and is even inclined to forgive her rapist. If it had been grittier, more edgy, more impossibleit may have had more power.


Why did I give it two stars, then? The wsrlin is sooo beautiful. I was tempted to replace the “Discussion Guide” questions at the end with “Can you spot the four antifeminist retrogressive tropes? Of course this compromises the depth of the story and characters. This is not haunting.

Of course you do The romance is sweet, yet romantic.


Like what you do if you’ve been raped. Instead of reading this, read “Graceling. She even immediately expresses forgiveness for her rapist. I’m looking forward to Extraordinary. In the novel, Impossible by Nancy Werlin, Lucy Scarborough is the main character, and as a reader I’m suppose to care for her plight and root her on in her journey and the challenges she faces.

Why I thought about that?

Katrina Bradley Thanks guys! Ok now to gush over Zach. Due to the fact that you’re dealing with an “elfin knight”, a centuries old curse, and seemingly impossible tasks to complete, I would have enjoyed the novel more had it rested more heavily on the fantasy aspect and less on trying to fit it into a contemporary YA book.

Impossible- Nancy Werlin by Laura-Ann Miller on Prezi

Awful, uncertain, scary, wonderful, confusing, all at once. A place where curses exist. Slight, if not major spoilers without warning. Werlin’s adult application to the story wasn’t carried throughout. This was not one of those books! I should really have stopped reading this book because I found it irritating and not very good, but the story itself according to the back cover and that interview I read was so intriguing to me again, in a very Magic’s Child way that I kept going.


But not for Impossible. And I especially appreciated the emphasis Werlin put on humble human triumph over haughty supernatural manipulation and how true love does not cloud judgement but enables one to see clearly. Because the “he was possessed” just stinks as an excuse! It sort of made me want to read it because I knew I’d hate it. Jun 28, Anne Osterlund rated it really liked it.

Faced with this new ‘understanding’ of the ballad, Werlin set about fleshing out their story; clearly, there was once something between them, but something soured it. Zach Greenfield was the epitome of sweetness. Much of it doesn’t make sense, no matter how much you suspend your reality. Readers of angsty and dramatic new adult genre, may come to appreciate this. Lucy is a rational teenager. I rolled my eyes so many times while reading I’m surprised that my eyes were on the pages long enough to make out sentences.

Jun 25, Miss Kitty rated it it was ok Shelves: Now, you may say: All major action takes place off screen and is merely recounted by dialogue afterward.

Now that i realise it, there is also another thing.