My review of Robert Middelton’s marketing manual for freelancers, The InfoGuru Marketing Manual. InfoGuru Marketing Manual – Action Plan Read more about marketing, infoguru, manual, ezine, articles and materials. In-depth, how-to articles about marketing for self-employed professionals on a wide In I wrote the InfoGuru Marketing Manual which became an online.

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For 30 years as the owner of Action Plan Marketing, Robert has helped thousands of Independent Professionals learn the art of marketing without hype with his simple and effective systems for attracting more clients. And be ready for real results — new and better clients that you love to work with.

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Many long years ago, I took a career workshop and discovered I was unemployable. You sell your services to businesses of all kinds and you need to find the most effective ways to find new clients — not by accident, but by intention. You know, the stone age, at the dawn of personal computers. Then a few years later designing websites, working with higher-end clients, and leading workshops.

InfoGuru Marketing Manual – Action Plan Marketing | Yumpu PDF Downloader

In essence, attracting new clients is all about great communication. Robert is a marketing coach and consultant, speaker, writer and designer.

I started by designing logos and brochures on my Mac Plus and coaching business newbies. He integrates the ideas in these teachings manuzl help his clients break through limitations and fears that hold them back from living a fuller life and having a more fulfilling and successful business.


Make sure to watch the 86 second video at the top explaining my approach to marketing. I started my business in My goal with this site is to help self-employed professionals like you who want to attract more of their ideal clients.

About Robert Middleton and Action Plan Marketing

And things just evolved from there. From to he lived on a community studying the work of G. I learned from the best and keep on learning. Robert has studied, personal growth, transformation, spirituality and non-duality since he was 18 years.

But I knew someone, somewhere, must have the answer. What you find buried beneath all this mental garbage is authentic expression, natural enthusiasm and endless creativity and energy. And I was committed. You just need to learn some important things, work hard, get some support, and be persistent.

In-depth, how-to articles about marketing for self-employed professionals on a wide variety of marketing topics that are easy to understand and apply to your business. If you want to become a more successful marketer of your professional services, Action Plan Marketing provides a comprehensive resource called the More Clients Club.

Hope you like it. Little did I know what I was in for.

About Robert Middleton

Marieting says, “The most practical thing in the world is learning how to get past limiting and fearful beliefs and mindsets. Robert Middleton has worked with thousands of people to get them unstuck from limiting, fearful beliefs.

Your support of my development infoguri a self-employed consultant has allowed me to build a beautiful life with my husband. When you do, vast possibilities open up to you that were simply not available to you before.


I had no clue how to attract more clients. His favorite work manjal helping clients get unstuck from limiting and fearful beliefs that hold their marketing back.

On the way, I faced a lot of challenges.

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to working with you one way or the other in the near future. From to the early nineties he manuql in est and the Landmark Forum. What ideas can you expect to read in my articles?

Next, came online courses and virtual group programs called the Marketing Action Groups and Marketing Mastery Program. But I persevered in the self-employment mines for several years.

A little about me… Many long years ago, I took a career workshop and discovered I was unemployable. So I had to start my own business. I had setbacks and flops, was afraid of rejection, and also had lots of limiting beliefs about money. In addition, the Club includes the twice-monthly live Marketing Action Program via Zoom videoconference to keep your marketing on track and accountable.

Robert holds an intensive 9-month marketing programs, The Marketing Action Group, and conducts two-day marketing workshops each year, in marketimg to working with private clients. How did I get infogkru there to here?

You can contact me here.