Hi, I have a troubles with intraweb since version I display have some IWImage in a web form and I load the pictures .GIF) from files with. After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results. The demo source can be downloaded by downloading IntraWeb or later at. Can someone explain what StyleRenderOptions->Use Display does? . eb articles. 0 followers.

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I can double click the file and it opens in the browser. The demo is a simple demo that takes a survey of two questions that are of vital importance to the programming community. I was concerned about data entry. Alexandre Machado Hi Alexandre, I wish you an happy new year. This snap shot could be in any format like bitmap. Correct Answer 10 pts. You will notice that the page is returned and appears like this:.

As image once attached cannot be edited for further use. I display have some IWImage in a web form and I load the pictures. This instructs the form to automatically parse the HTTP variables and set the component states accordingly.

Customizing the display of errors

I would like to use the same technique with IWBootstrap but by now I have not found any way to accomplish that. Our Page1Form now looks like this:. Later i will convert this into JPEG format. Notice it looks just like the form? For default wml devices you should something else. I kept it simple, with just a few methods, but it worked great. Also – is there a simpler way for the user to select a date. ApplicationURL instead, and drop the wwwroot.


Developer Tools

Actaully the view state of this html file intgaweb is not maintaining when the page is posted back!. Enter test for the user name and test for the password and click Login.

We have put some drawing code in the OnRender event. All the work has to be done ontraweb the memory without b Sign up using Email and Password.

If so, we have an issue with the file path. IntraWeb integration with WebSnap. Can you please look at it: Welcome, Guest Login Guest Settings. Why I use GIF? I just have problem with the I also tried to compile the intrsweb code using latest IW, but it seems that your project was compiled with another source code? Regards,Vinz”Code, Beer and Music” that’s my way of being a programmer! Page mode is available by using page producers which can be used with Web Broker or Intgaweb.

twitter bootstrap – Delphi Intraweb display form in panel – IWBootstrap – Stack Overflow

Page Form as shown below and select OK. Then, using your original EXE For more information on application mode please see the Atozed Software website at http: The demo source can be downloaded by downloading IntraWeb 4. Here is the code for the OnRender:. The OnRender event occurs each time IntraWeb renders a form, prior to it actually being rendered. I think the problem is with the URL formation.


May 8, 9: Chad’s background includes work in the employment, security, chemical, energy, trading, telecommunications, wireless, and insurance industries. Hi Alexandre, Thank a lot to try to displah me. dsiplay

Canvas do begin Brush. The problem is with the file assignment. I try with 5 browsers, the site work only with IE and Edge. When not programming, he likes to cycle, kayak, hike, downhill ski, drive, and do just about anything outdoors. I’ll do a small project to reproduce this problem.

The dialog is wrongly or only partially displayed and I cant access the grid sizing controls. It will then collect your vote and tabulate it with other voters. In theory, that should force it to redraw. Dec 26, 9: Right now I just have the footer info at the bottom of the file, but when I print pages that are only half filled, the footer info shows in the middle of the page, not at the bottom.

Thanks, Simon simon krizaj wrote: