Skinwalker. Skinwalker One of paranormal fantasy’s toughest heroines, Jane Yellowrock, debuted with a vengence A year ago Jane nearly lost her life taking. Jane Yellowrock is a Cherokee Skinwalker– one of the very last. She also shares her body with the soul of a mountain lion, Beast, as a result of accidental black. Jane uses her abilities for good as a hunter of rogue vampires, but the skinwalkers of real-life Native American lore are sinister figures best.

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Jane makes a living as rogue vampire hunter, and she’s very good.

She’s a wonderfully descriptive prose stylist, one of the few writers the late Ray Bradbury was another who enables you to fully experience her world with all your senses: I found this very fascinating and I feel like Ms. Shapeshifting skinwalker Jane Yellowrock skinwalekr the best in the business when it comes to slaying vampires.

The dynamics of this relationship is so interesting and the battle for dominance so unconventional, that just for that the book should be guaranteed a 3 star rating. Jane must test her strength against a deadly, unnatural magic beyond human understanding, and a ruthless cadre of near-immortals whose thirst for power knows no bounds….

Skinwalker | Faith Hunter

But Leo yellowrocj been issued a blood challenge by the emperor of skijwalker European vampires, who seeks to usurp all of his power and possessions. Jane Yellowrock is a vampire killer for hire—but other creatures of the night still need to watch their backs…. Koontz did it well. I liked the fact that Jane seems to be the last of the skinwalkers, and hopefully we will find out more about her and about others.

He explains that he used to be Leo’s ‘Mercy Blade,’ a sacred position charged with killing young vampires who have gone insane. I’m not interested in reading a weapon’s manual of specifications.


You have to work harder than that. Hunter did a good job bringing this to life. Book 11 in the Jane Yellowrock series.

Just so you know, I hate myself when I do this but I just cannot read this book any longer. I just didn’t form an attachment to anything.

Jane i Skinwalker was a good introduction to the world of Jane Yellowrock, skinwalker. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

The protagonist is unique and striking, despite nominal comparisons to other urban fantasy heroines. Skinwalkee found some stuff lacking but I think I’ll yelloweock give th Got a bit bored here and there but overall enjoyed it. Top 10 Books of the Year.


I was going to stay with a two but when view spoiler [ Jane decided she had to “trade” something with the all high muckety-muck “hot” yelolwrock and let him drink from her hide spoiler ] it was just too much. Books by Faith Hunter. She’s always talking about how badass she is, but then, whenever there’s a fight all she can do is say “shit, shit, shit!

Lots of sexual tension though. She is someone you’d want to get to know. View all 23 comments. And it was wonderful that we got POVs from both of them. Book 8 in the Jane Yellowrock series. But that didn’t begin to prepare me for how much I liked this one! Jane Yellowrock Series Faith Hunter This urban fantasy series features shapeshifting skinwalker Jane Yellowrock, who fights vampires, demons, and everything in between in the city of New Orleans.

Jane Yellowrock series | Urban Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

When her house is magically attacked, the wild chase to find her assailants unearths a mystery that has literally been buried deep. Book 7 in the Jane Yellowrock series. This is a very complicated series. She just had a “gift” for mispronouncing words demur pronounced “de-more” for example Jane’s a supremely well-drawn, round character, with a personality and interior life that’s believable and that’s some achievement, when you consider some of her characteristics!


Many of her orchid pics are juxtaposed with bones and skulls —a fox, cat, dog, cow skull, goat, and deer skull, that is, unfortunately, falling apart and the jawbone of an ass. Her Christianity is of a low-key, not judging nor preachy sort, though and not inconsistent with an openness to Cherokee spiritualityand doesn’t come with the view held by some believers that women should be inherently pacifistic doormats.

Jane has an interesting power set and origin story, and there’s a good action-y style to the writing to keep people who bore easily like myself flipping the pages.

In this must-have collection of stories, experience nineteen thrilling adventures from the world of vampire-hunter Jane Yellowrock, including many fan favorites and two all-new novellas.

She keeps going leaving the person staring after her, starts the bike and leaves thinking “I don’t have time for chatting, a plan is forming in my mind. Maybe because I listened to the audio? Refresh and try again.

Full Length Jane Yellowrock Novels

View all 5 comments. I liked that the vampires in this story respond to Christian holy symbols, such as the cross and holy water, along with silver. I had so many problems with this novel that once I start, I’ll probably go on for a while.

In Have Stakes Will Travelreaders get a chance to go deeper into the thrilling world of skinwalker and vampire hunter Jane Yellowrock.