Check the expiration date on your passport before you go because Japan has certain entry Present your passport and embarkation card to the officer. From April 1, , changes were made to the format of the Disembarkation Card for Foreign Nationals, Embarkation and Disembarkation Card. Hey guys. I was just wondering whether I still need to fill out an embarkation card before leaving Japan at the airport. I heard that when you are.

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A passport is a form of personal identification issued by a national government. A passport is required to enter Japan.

Check the expiration date on your passport before you go because Japan has certain entry requirements for the remaining validity of a passport.

Each country has different procedures.

Japan Embarkation Card – forum

Check the website of your country’s immigration department. Nationals of some countries require a visa to enter Japan. A visa embxrkation a form of permission to enter the country.

There are various types of visas including tourism and visit, business, work, and student. You must have a passport to obtain a visa. Once your visit has been finalized, apply for a visa early. For more details, visit the website of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


If you are arriving from a region with an infectious disease outbreak, you will be asked to report any symptoms and submit a health questionnaire. Please tell a Quarantine Officer if you have a fever, diarrhea, or are feeling unwell.

After taking your finger prints digitally and a picture, the officer will ask about your duration of stay and purpose of your visit. Be ready to present your return ticket if prompted. Please also be advised that an inspection of your carry-on item may be required.

There are several transportation options available at airports such as rail, bus, and taxi. Date of birth d. Purpose of visit l.

Intended length of stay in Japan m. Intended address in Japan. Check the items in your possession c. Check the appropriate box if you more than 1 million yen in cash or securities d.

So You’ve Landed in Japan – Customs and Immigration – Jose’s Japan Tips

Check the appropriate box if you have unaccompanied articles, such as items sent by postal mail, etc. Type and number of items in your possession.


Click here for modes of embarkatio from the airport to city center. Proceed to your gate at least 30 minutes before the indicated time. Any type of liquid in a container embarkayion than ml cannot be brought on to a flight as a carry-on item.

To bring liquids on board, they must be in a ml or smaller container and placed in a clear, resalable plastic zipper bag with a volume of 1 liter or less.

Smooth Entry and Departure To and From Japan: Japanese Customs & Immigration

What will you uncover? Entering and Leaving the Country Passports and Visas 2. Entering the country 3. Leaving the country 4. Liquids on your flight. Be cafd to login to access all the features of the site!