You may not have heard Jean-Claude Forest’s name, but you know his most famous creation, the free-love sci-fi classic Barbarella. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Book 1 (first collected in ), Barbarella’s. Barbarella [Jean-Claude Forest] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Barbarella is one of my favorite movies. So, overall, the comic book isn’t bad but I’d say I liked the movie more.

Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella:

Forest found greater freedoms elsewhere in the science fiction magazine Fictionlaunched in as the French edition of the American Magazine of Fiction and Science Fiction. Silly stuff, and always was, but an amusing read. April Learn jena and when to remove this template message. That story forfst makes sense, especially if you’ve read the book which I have. Jul 31, William Ramsey rated it it was amazing. If you first encountered Barbarella through the psychedelically colorful film, as most do, the simplicity of Forest’s art can feel a little jarring.

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Barbarella | The Comics Journal

The comic stands well on its own, too. Captain, you better pull out! But when you get used to his style, you find that his imagination is as boundless as Barbarella’s curiosity, always building new worlds and giving them unique populations and rules. Instead, pressures to take action built up on the government, which finally enacted a ban in through the Children and Young Persons Harmful Publications Act.


And there are plenty of come-ons. Bythe film adaptation starring Jane Fonda was in theaters. Jane Fonda is the spitting image of the illustrated Barbarella, which is neat. Barbarella, with her long hair and sonorous name, her baby face and disdain for needless clothes, finds herself on the planet Lythion, where she has made a forced landing while traveling alone through outer space in her rocket.

Her main weapons are her perky breasts which she whips out when the occasion calls for it. There have been attempts for years to get a new Barbarella movie or TV show off the ground, and it seems inevitable that such a thing will happen eventually. Anyway, Barbarella doesn’t make much sense because th The film starring Jane Fonda is one of my favorite movies of all-time.

Right to the end, he was busy as a consultant on a proposed animated version from Nelvana, and as a collaborator with Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier on a new American Barbarella comic book.

Published by Grove Press first published barbarel,a Dialogue like the following as Barbarella’s and Dildano’s ship encounters a massive jellyfish?

A Space Odyssey which was actually released in the same year is confusing. Barbarella is story of a space-faring hero working her way through a variety of soft sci-fi problems – wars between nations, an evil hunter going after genetically modified prey.

An English translation by Richard Fores reached readers only a few years after the initial French printings, first serialized in Claudr Review and then collected in a single volume. What are more confusing are some small details, for example, the meaning of those seven crystal things in the middle of the Star Gate sequence. Whether a modern adaptation can capture the free spirit of Forest’s Barbarella is another question, but some don’t think that Vadim and Fonda succeeded either.


Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella | PAUL GRAVETT

While the dialogue deserves derision, Jean-Claude Forest’s artwork shines. A caption clauve on continues this pattern, shifting from the first quote to the second emphasis mine: Nov 02, Lisa rated it liked it. This doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the movie, of course. Producer Dino De Laurentiis and director Roger Vadim adapted it into a film that was released in baarbarella, guaranteeing Forest’s creation’s immortality.

Many later characters owe a debt to Barbarella, and not just the obvious ones like Vampirella.

Other books in the series. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An edited version of this Article originally appeared as the Foreword to the Humanoids Inc. See Barbarella do her thing::