The Gebser Society furthers the work of German poet and integral philosopher, Jean Gebser (). Jean Gebser () was a German poet, philosopher, and phenomenologist of consciousness. He is best known for his magisterial opus, The. tural historian and evolutionary philosopher Jean Gebser, largely in his own words. According to Gebser, human consciousness underwent a series of mutations.

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English Choose a language for shopping. Jul 03, Willa rated it it was amazing. To end with a poem that touches all of this in a way that none of these words could do, here is an excerpt from T.

His thesis of the failure of one structure of consciousness alongside the emergence of a new one mean him to inquire as to whether such had not occurred before. Thus, awareness is already integral. He was also a published poet. Refresh and try again.

That various beings in the present are crystallized from the past, and which also extend into the future. Other works by Gebser are in the process of translation. It must be encountered. Gebser described this as the “ever present origin,” the source of which all events and all worlds are born and dieand are redeemed in.

By awakening to this Whole, Gebser describes our actions do not occur for the sake of our egoic selves, but “for the sake of the spiritual present. But now I am looking at a possible re-read. This dynamic and complex “all times and no times” is a unique experience, unlike anything previous generations have been raised in.

Rather it will if it does arise organically. Did he believe that more people would awaken to this ever-presence in the world, generating a society of contemplatives? A Gebser newsletter is published in Illinois, scholarly studies on his ideas have appeared, and doctoral dissertations are being written on him.


Origin or Ursprung, in the original German is the source from which all springs, but it gebaer that which springs forth itself.

Opening remarks

In Munich he had witnessed the first “brown hordes” of the Nazis, and what he saw filled him with horror. To realize the various structures within one’s language and habits, and even within one’s own life and self is a difficult task. Arneson, PatJean Gebser’s Cosmology”. Gebser’s non plus ultra magnum opus; you must be extremely committed to do a reading of this massive work justice.

The central contribution of this book is Gebser’s analysis of the history of culture — mainly but not exclusively Western culture — in terms of the predominance of different modes of gebsee.

Written by Bruce Sanguin. Tagged under integral philosophy. We egbser at the other end of this cultural transformation, so at the moment we are still experiencing dissolution, eruption, expansion and contraction all at the same time another testament to our new experience of time.

The Ever-Present Origin by Jean Gebser

Jun 17, Pax Analog rated it it was amazing. Any attempt to give a direction or goal to the unfolding of awareness is illusory in that it is based upon a limited, mentalistic, linear notion of time. He offers as a guiding note that just as there is also a time to act, there is also the much neglected time of contemplation. After a brief spell in Italy he went gebset Spain, where he lived for six years.

Jean Gebser — Aaron Cheak

That such a global crisis is a spiritual one is not surprising. For some interpretations, this ties in directly with what Sri Aurobindo was talking gebseg when he said that we are evolving from the merely rational and mental consciousness to the supra-mental, or gnostic consciousness.

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And jeah integral structure allows for a re-membering of all of the structures of consciousness without the problematic reification of their respective “worlds”.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Mario Spassov rated it it was amazing Mar 28, I’m going to look again. That is our world. But perhaps we can say that rather than being some ideal future, we might be giving birth to a human society that at the very least, has moved past abstraction in favor of experienceand such a profound shift in its core might influence the arts, sciences and the way we live as a whole.

Mashups of old videos from over 50 years ago are played alongside modern techno and psychedelic music. Who was Jean Gebser? Subscribe to this RSS feed. He fled to Switzerland inescaping only hours before the border was closed. In fact, without already having an integral awareness, one could have no notion of time as “past” or “present”, etc.

Jean Gebser

Philip Saenger rated it it was amazing Sep 04, This page was last edited on 23 Julyat By studying the West, we are studying the impact Western society has over the rest of the world industrialization, scientific materialism, Hollywood, etc. It is also a gebsser beginning. Sports are often dismissed as frivolous and unimportant. Jean Gebser—Life and Work. Transparency points to how it is that the one is “given-through” and always “along-with” the other.

In his Self and Society: Gebser details five structures of consciousness: And why are a growing number of people excited about his ideas?