TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Create a personal breakthrough, master smarter goal setting and claim the life of purpose you want to live today and every day. A Note From Jinny Ditzler. Welcome to Best Year Yet® where even your most impossible dreams can come true year after year after year! How can I make such . In Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler, she provides 10 tough questions for you to ask to ask yourself while planning so you have your very best.

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Jinny’s book not only helped me to focus to get through my first degree but through two others since and I am using her principals now to get through a Master’s program. I did do the 10 questions in chapter 3 over 5 hours with some breaks and I do feel significantly more positive and optimistic about the year to come Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Your Best Year Yet!: Though if Jinny D comes to Switzerland and does her three-hour workshop, I’d be tempted.

Bar none, the best tool I’ve found for unearthing goals and mapping out plans to turn them into reality.

Your Best Year Yet!: Ten Questions for Making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever

Think if you can consolidate some of them, to make your time and self-management easier. The point of this exercise is not weeping about the past but realizing what behaviors you might want to adopt.

A highly recommended read – simple, straight to the point, low ditzlet fluff, solid stuff.

Jun 14, Katie rated it it was amazing. Try to think of things you could have done differently and how that would change the outcomes.

These straightforward, life-changing practical steps will help you make this year — and every year — the best year of your life as you achieve: I found having ten goals to work on in one way, stressful and in another way, limiting. It is incredibly uplifting to distill your definition of success into simple tasks dirzler you can actually do!


Jan 17, Kathy Skaggs rated it it was amazing.

Your Best Year Yet! Summary – Jinny Ditzler | PDF & Audiobook

Now you can decide to stop limiting yourself. It will be a while before I can evaluate it, but I found the plan well thought out. The content was somewhat better than I had expected and I yft the book yrt decent practical exercise As the painful year of nears its end and I’m feeling physically almost well again, I wanted a boost to propel me to the end of the year and keep me flying I’ll be happy with hurtling along in To be fair, the strategies and advice she gives are not unfamiliar, especially to avid readers of such books, but you can work with them, and achieve real results.

However, the class was ditzoer amazing and clarifying, that I think the book must be even more empowering and I’m not normally a self-helpy person. Change all the negative statements about positive ones.

A conversation with a colleague reminded me that it is time to either purchase or dig this book back out. Refresh and try again. These values will help you figure out what drives you. I’ve worked through the book and I’m going to come back and review my overall plan again before the end of the year.

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Next, look at what you have learned so far. I like the idea of aligning goals with personal values and the strategies for implementation sound promising. I’ll report back at the end of !

The critical thing to mention when it comes to the tasks in her workshop is that they are easy to follow and quite helpful. We simply sit in the backseat preoccupied by our busy, busy lives, which are moving too fast to allow time to stop the car, take yer, consider alternate routes, or set goals to change direction — in short, to get The metaphor on page 10 sums up the intent of this book nicely: I’ve already started tear of the work to make my best year yet and this book was very inspirational in how to identify what my values are and my roles in life so I can ditzleer my future goals to them.


In case you are not sure what you should do to reach some goal, you might need to swap it with another.

This is a terrific book I go through at the beginning of every year. I spent three days trying to phrase the actions right but finally decided again I was already pretty ok with things. By the way, I loved the back story of Jinny Ditzler and her husband Tim — two Americans in England long-term — folks after my own heart.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I used it to help me commit to doing my for project this year; I’ve used it to do everything from successfully increasing my book reading 78 in80 in to ditching spent relationships. Years go by and we never get out of the car to see how it’s doing or where it’s going.

Love it and can only recommend it! I found nothing new here that I hadn’t read before; which is not to say its not a useful book, but definitely for me, a re-hash of stuff I’ve already read.

Jan 10, Teodora Grigorie rated it really liked it.