Variation 8: Point = Go-no-go = Wu~wu~ Variation 9: Reducing against Choosing a joseki: Since josekis work effectively in a certain direction, examine. Welcome to the Joseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki (established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go. Professionals often invent joseki in their games when the standard joseki are inappropriate. All this is very interesting but for the amateur Go player a subset of .

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Go game Shogi theory Go joseki. Understanding strong and weak points of particular joseki and being able to at least vaguely understand possibilities of following play – playing itself especially with stronger players will put your thinking to the test. Joseki in the wrong direction is basically running with perfect form towards the lions. Things which you might be interested jozeki learn from the professional games are: Each query will result in a list of all games featuring the selected joseku pattern and besides a variation tree containing all encountered continuations merged joseko ordered by hit frequency.

Can I ask what rank you are? One go proverb states that “learning josekis loses two stones in strength,” which means that the rote gp of sequences is not advantageous; rather, learning from a joseki should be a player’s goal. Replay a few pro games to get a feeling for the flow of the game, practice tsumego hardcore most important skill is reading after allwatch a few of the great Go videos on youtube I recommend yunguseng dojang and Haylee ….

Welcome to the GoBase. This overview contains a collection of maybe some 25 joseki variations which can be considered a beginners package to be able to play Go games. If a sequence is not considered joseki, it usually means that either one side of the exchange is left at a clear disadvantage with little or no redeeming benefits, or that the position is too uncommon to have developed an agreed upon continuation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All Go concepts joweki strange, coming from a Chess background.

Joseki pages

Every joseki should be used as a specific tool that leaves the board in a particular shape. It is better not to run at all if it means you get to move in the correct direction away from the lions … Yes I am really bad at making analogies… sorry As a new player, I would say forget about Joseki.


Feed your own neural net. If that information is correct, then I imagine it is beneficial as in Chess to take a holistic approach vo. Players Ranks and ratings Professionals Organizations Competitions. A joseki that has fallen out of fashion is normally labelled as ‘old’ or ‘bad’. Joseki and Chess Openings are very different. Other plays that have been experimented with includeandall of which sacrifice territory for influence.

The slight disadvantage of not knowing some joseki can be easily outweighed by everything else. Feel free to send me a friend request and we can play a teaching game some time if you like? Just a few random thoughts. And when does memorizing specific Joseki become important to progress as a player? This way you can pay attention to why certain moves are chosen in a joseki and you will notice recurring shapes that can if you know what they do then be applied to totally different situations unrelated to corner openings.

The dictionary index is organized as a large tree of continuations with top-level six main branches: Views Read Edit View history. This way you can deal with those who break joseki. And when they deviate or play unusual variation it is good way of learning to try to understand why. A joseki may fall out of use for various reasons, some of which may often seem minor to the amateur player; professionals may consider one variation suboptimal for a very specific reason — one which strong amateurs are not likely to exploit.

Sensei’s Library has a semi-comprehensive overview of joseki. But I am going to say that the number of josekis I know is not more than Pick the right one, and you feel better.

There is no formal theory for these, though numerous set sequences can be seen in professional play. But what I think is important to at least try and think about this stuff. I will put a simple joseki variation in our game. Each joseki discussed in this overview contains an illustrative example from a professional game in which circumstances to apply the joseki.


Rui Naiwei similarly remarked that playing josekis is easy [but] choosing the right one [in a game] is hard. It is important to keep in mind that joseli is a game involving marginal analysis and josekis are merely heuristics of sound play. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. That is because choosing the josekj direction of play is more important than playing joseki. If you know which joseki you are looking for, then you can use the position search page.

It is very well possible to play a Go game with the knowledge of only a subset of maybe 30 simple joseki variations. Though less common, there are also josekis for the middle game. All this is very interesting but for the amateur Go player a subset of established and frequently occuring joseki is enough to get started or even to become a 4 dan Go player.

– Joseki, a Repertoire for Beginners

Therefore common sequences were played through trial and error many, many times to the point where today we refer to them as joseki.

What is a joseki or what is good in one situation could not be joseki or maybe bad in another situation.

After a joseki sequence has ended, a play returning to the same area may be termed a follow-up play. As someone said, studying is certainly reinforcing your neural network and rooting the principles in your brain.

I just got your challenge, Have a nice game! So studying joseki and thinking about why of each move can be really enlightening. Good shapes, taking sente, life and death, joxeki judgement etc.

Maybe a bad non-go analogy would be: Many of these categories may further be broken up into subcategories, such as the avalanche josekiChinese openingand middle game reduction play. The amount of joseki is enormous as you will notice while browsing through the overview below.