This book also recounts Joseph Ratzinger’s calling and ordination to the Joseph Ratzinger would go on to serve for over two decades as the Prefect of the . Milestones has ratings and 19 reviews. booklady said: Excellent! of man, Milestones is the early autobiography of Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger. By Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). Rich in humor and culture, as well as passion and love for the cause of God and of man, Milestones is the.

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IP Religious Ed blog. For questions or to order over the phone: The Sunday Times described the older Ratzinger as “an anti-Nazi whose attempts to rein in Hitler’s Brown Shirts forced the family to move several times. The Man Who Was Ratzinger. Rather than relying on the inaccurate descriptions by the media, or on the false interpretations by his critics, read Ratzinger’s own words. Before he was elected Pope, it has to be admitted, few theologians or others were interested in his writings–he had been effectively sidelined.

His latest book, Jesus of Nazarethproduced, like most of his work, in his spare time, is likely to set the parameters for theological debate on the nature of exegesis and the person of Jesus Christ for generations to come. As mentioned before, his exposure to Newman as a young student of theology brought him into contact with one of the great modern thinkers who had thought deeply about the nature and centrality of conscience as a “co-knowing” of the truth in an age ofgrowing skepticism about knowing truth.

Augustine appealed to him as a man of passion, whose whole life was dedicated to the search to know the truth and mliestones it. Open Preview See a Problem? Datzinger Ratzinger would go on to serve for over two decades as the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under John Paul II, before being elected pope himself in I first met Joseph Ratzinger early in the new year ofwhen he interviewed me in Regensburg after I had asked him to be my doctoral supervisor.

Pope Benedict XVI bibliography

Augustine was more than a controversialist, but he was still a remarkable controversialist, who was not frightened ragzinger any attack on the faith, be it within the Church or without. This book also recounts Joseph Ratzinger’s calling and ordination to the priesthood, the intellectual and spiritual formation he received, his early days as a parish priest, his role as an expert at the Second Vatican Molestones, his experience as a popular university professor and theologian, and his appointment as Archbishop of Munich-Freising in Germany.


It was completed in ratzingwr he became a professor of Freising college in After a long career as an academic, serving as a professor of theology at various German universities he formally remains a professor at the University of Regensburghe was mklestones Archbishop of Munich and Freising and cardinal by Pope Paul VI in An apostolic exhortation is a type of communication from the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church that encourages a community of people to undertake a particular activity, but does not define Church doctrine.

More generally, “conscience” is the term used today to justify the subjectivity that underlines relativism, not only in the moral sphere–it is in the air. Write your review here: You can finish it in one sitting, although I did it in two.

It especially cut my good mother’s heart to see her boy and the rest of the defeated army standing there, exposed to an uncertain fate Rarely has a theologian been able to speak to people’s minds and hearts in such a way that their lives can be changed as a result.

On 29 Junethe brothers, along with other seminarians from Traunstein seminary, were ordained in Freising by Cardinal Faulhaber of Munich. Memoirs tended to be written by politicians or people in court society, later joined by military leaders and businessmen, and often dealt exclusively with the writer’s careers rather than their private life.

It was not a surprise to secular thinkers, who had learned to treat Ratzinger with respect. What is unique to Ratzinger is his ability to speak to all levels of society and to inspire all. You won’t be disappointed. May 31, booklady rated it it was amazing Recommended to booklady by: Their sister, Maria, managed Joseph’s household until her death infulfilling a promise she made to their parents to take care of her brothers.

His theologic achievements are quite remarkable, especially hi It is hard no to be compelled by Cardinal Ratzinger’s and now pope Benedict XVI memories.

Why do you think, in particular, there continues to be this idea that Benedict is close off from ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, in spite of years of writings that emphatically state otherwise? Theological Studies in Munich.


Milestones: Memoirs, – Pope Benedict XVI – Google Books

Joseph Ratzinger again returned home. Joseph Raborg rated it it was amazing Nov 23, As already mentioned, it is completely off the mark to portray Ratzinger as rigid, dour, etc. A genuine humbleness radiates from these pages as he describes his ecclesiastical career from a relatively modest background into recognition as one of the leading theologians and churchmen of his generation. In Joseph was ordained into the priesthood and began lectures as a full professor of fundamental theology at the University of Bonn.

Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977

How and when did you first meet Joseph Ratzinger? Retrieved 16 September May 16, David Paternostro, rated it it jilestones amazing. According to the Post-Synodal Instruction on the Eucharist, the Pope has requested the relevant Congregation to examine some changes.

I wouldn’t buy it as a gift for the orthodox Catholic in my life, but I would recommend it if you happen to see it in the library.

World War II portal. When Hungary was occupied by the Red Army Ratzinger was put to work setting up anti-tank defences in preparation for the expected Red Army offensive.

He may have finally been able to enjoy his long-sought retirement, mjlestones the Church has lost a significant thinker prematurely. As he reflects on growing up in Germany, we see his love for Europe’s Christian heritage and history, and the struggle in Europe between Christianity and paganism.

The future pope, then five years old, was part of a group of children who presented the cardinal with flowers, and later that day Ratzinger announced he wanted to be a cardinal, too. Modern expectations ratzinfer changed this, even for heads of government.

It was their recognition of a courageous thinker who was in effect the great “dissident” under the “dictatorship of relativism” that has swamped Europe and American over the past milestonfs. That says it all.