Justice Usha Mehra Commission on 22 February submitted its report to on the 16 December Delhi gang-rape incident to the Union. held on were noted and approved by the Commission. Agenda Item No Recommendations of Justice Usha Mehra. Committee Report regarding. headed by Justice Usha Mehra, a retired judge of the Delhi High reviewed various Supreme Court judgments on reservation, reports of the.

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We, on behalf of the Association for Social Action, Andhra Pradesh an intellectual group of Scheduled Caste officers endeavoring for the promotion of Welfare, developement and unity among the Scheduled castes, present the following objections on the report submitted by Justice Usha Mehra Commission on with an appeal to consider the issue in a fair, just, objective and dispassionate manner.

Thus the suggested Remedy is worse than the Disease.

Justice Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to the Union Government of India

While dealing with Malas, they were also referred to Adi-andhras. Thus, the recommendation of the Commission for categorization is contradictory and against its own findings.

Thomas, Indrashaney are out of context and have no relevance to the issue involved and there was no issue of categorization of SCs. The Scheduled Castes classification is not a definite matter of public importance for appointment of a Commission commiwsion the Commissions of Inquiry Act According to which, all the Scheduled Castes including sub-castes, sub-groups they constitute one groupwhich are homogeneous and belong to one caste for the purpose of the Constitution. Muniswamy pillai is out of context and the Commission ignored the very fact that the test for inclusion in the list of SCs is extreme social, educational and economic backwardness arising out of traditional practice of untouchability.

But, the Commission’s approach from inception appears that it mrhra taken up the responsibility to categorise the SCs without proper application of mind and with a prejudice influenced by the political clout at the behest of the Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment and the Government of Andhra Pradesh which is espousing the cause of MRPS. The government has created over 1, additional posts in Delhi Police and converted others into the posts of women constable on the recommendation of Justice Usha Mehra Commission’s report suggesting one third of the force should be reserved for females.


Justice Mehra Commission’s Report at page No. Cops didn’t delay, says victim’s friend now 23 Feb, As admitted, that Mala is the largest population in only 8 Districts of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Further, in Andhra Pradesh, the State is divided into six zones. While dealing with Madiga Dasu, it was observed that the Madiga Dasu accept food from all the communities except the Mala.

Mehra Commission recommendations placed before Cabinet Sources said the Home Ministry has accepted several of the recommendations of the panel and these were placed before the Cabinet for final approval.

Sources said the Home Ministry has accepted several of the recommendations of the panel and these were placed before the Cabinet for final approval.

The Commission did not even bother to consider the observations of the Supreme Court that categorization is no solution mshra the problem and cpmmission remedy suggested by way of special courses etc. The suggested amendment to Article is itself unconstitutional and against the original intendment of the founding fathers of the Constitution that no subsequent notification shall alter or vary the castes specified in the list which is the spirit of the Constitution cannot be tinkered with by way of an amendment to the Constitution which is impermissible.

For instance, in A. Therefore, the representations were mainly from Madiga and its groups only and the Mala groups were denied the opportunity of hearing by the Commission. Justice Usha Mehra Commission observed that it was happy for getting a positive response for categorization. The Commission report was submitted in a hurried and hasty manner recommending sub-classification as there was a threat of indefinite fast by the MRPS leader giving a dead line and thus only to satisfy the forces and self-interest groups, the judtice was submitted probably to save the life of leader of MRPS, a leader of one community ignoring the larger interests of 59 castes in Andhra Pradesh and castes in the country which will cause unrest and encourage divisive forces in every State and Union Territory.

Madiga is one caste among the castes. But, in fact the resolution was only recommending to Government of India to take up the matter in the Parliament in the light of the Supreme Court judgment.

Hence there is no need or justification to divide the SCs which is not in the interests of the Country as a whole. It also includes the political purpose and their representations in Local Bodies, Municipalities, State Legislature and the Parliament.



The schedule castes are not heterogeneous as commission is trying to portray. But, in contrast, the Commission observed that the Adi-Andhras have concered more benefits limiting their population to just cmmission.

The report of the Commission is against the National Unity and Integrity. Thus it is prejudicial, pre-determined, pre- judged and the recommendation for sub classification of Scheduled Castes is a foregone conclusion.

Thus, the observations particularly made with reference to Malas, that for Malas, Madigas are untouchables has no basis and irrelevant and biased and motivated. Further, the Commission conveniently not taken into account and failed to take note of the special schemes being implemented by the Government for Madigas, the facilities and services being extended by LIDCAP and establishment of Leather Parks in various districts investing several crores of rupees by alloting thousands of acres.

ET EnergyWorld A one stop platform that caters to the pulse of the pulsating energy. In respect of Bindla, a satellite not share wells and common burial ground with other communities.


The Commission failed to note and appreciate that if one caste is little advantaged because of their early schooling or on account of the missionaries starting schools in Coastal areas, it should not be a ground to divide the whole SCs. The Commission did not bother even to study the implications of the judgement nor discussed anywhere in the report about the findings of the Supreme Court and uha remedies suggested by the Supreme Court.

Hence, the report of the Commission is based against the Mala and its allied castes. The Malas and its allied castes boycotted the meetings held by the Commission and protested before the Commission during their visits and did not cooperate with the Commission.