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Th Terminal Company at an adjourned meeting in Richmond this week changed the date of their annual meetings from the second Tuesday in December to Thursday after the first Monday 418891 September. U-Btui, Afeo Works br l1inst Artjat. There has been a good demand for brown shaetings, particularly in the finer grades, and colored cottona have also l een iu good request.

President McLeod suggested the advisability of creating tlie position of Chairman of the board of direct-irs, and a resolution to that effect was passed and Mr.

Start your 7-day Free Trial Get Access to this image and everything else on Fold3 Access to over millions of documents. While the actual tons moved show an increase, the revenue per ton, as shown elsewhere, has decrea-sed largely. A Tol Septemb’r Otto- m awman, 1, Ber II, 8 r: Tlrket InferrhaMeabto br P.


Western- Ist, 4 g. The thermometer has Total. In other words, it is found report the Bank of Germany shows an increase of about possible to 411891 expenses because of the elimination of some of the heavy payments of that character.

As was said above in speaking of ad- the population and manufacturee of New England and coal the Middle States, the field for the interchange cheap.

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Now intnntr halls ttiu Uir e 418891 at ll V. Kbs his decision Judge Brewer says: C 51, Chicago, IssnOes lWtslo Rrblllenea i: A tore tuam towel with models Sod I. Holyoke shows persons and Fall Riverbut there are no other cities in the Atlantic division shows an average which is precisely list which run as high as 10 persons to a dwelling. On the defetdunt’s road tba is determined. Nvai nice snsii1es; 1. October 29,Vol.

In New York per cent of the entire census of and in that of Morton Second “Vice-President, J. The market is thus irregular, but, with the exception of ginghams, the irregularity arises from the hardening tendency of certain descriptions and not from the weakening of anv.


The tone of the Liverpool market for spots and futures each day of kbq week ending Oct. Md ft InMnct undertaker to cmnatc laxead of burr Pie. Previously rep’di47 r’da Cin. This was offset in part by a decrease in the cost per ton per mile, 418911 the most serious effect of the depression is shown in kha decreased revenues from passenger traffic.

Preferred 11 Apr. See next page for continuation of debt chanKea. Covers your purchase price and original shipping. They have all been paid and canceled.

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Correspondence Collections a specialty. S I The company baring made arrangements to anUd I. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. ScrIp There wu again very httie ,n1u1rY ;r. Brdnswick- To Liverpool— Oct.

Frank Jones, Piesident of the corporation the Hor. HXl Foreign Dry Goods.