Le Passe-Muraille is the title of a story by Marcel Aymé about a man named Dutilleul who discovers that he can (you guessed it) walk through walls. The statue is. After a year then, he still retained the ability to pass through walls, but he .. Statue of le Passe-Muraille by Jean Marais, Place Marcel Aymé, Montmartre ( Paris). Marcel Aymé was a French novelist, children’s writer, humour writer, screenwriter and theatre playwright. His writings include The Man Who Walked Through.

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Every morning at the Ministry of Registration, he took great pleasure listening to his colleagues discuss his exploits of the night before.

The passer-through-walls – Wikipedia

They bitterly regretted underestimating their brilliant comrade mzrcel they all saluted him by growing little goatees. After a year then, he still retained the ability to pass through walls, but he never used it intentionally; he had little interest in adventures and he stubbornly resisted the impulses of his imagination. He now feels a “yearning,” “a new, imperious impulse”—”the need to walk through walls,” to which the narrator also refers as “the call of the other side of the wall,” using an animalistic terminology.

The following day was Saturday, and since he worked a five-day week, he sought out the local doctor and presented his case to him. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. He settled into a small apartment in Avenue Junot; he had moved some of his furniture there along with his most prized possessions long before his passse arrest.

From the very first day, the new associate office director was highly displeased to see that Dutilleul wore a pince-nez on a chain and a black goatee, and he made a great show of treating him as an obsolete nuisance or a slightly grubby antique.


The passer-through-walls

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Nothing captures the imagination of young women today like a pair of golf pants and horn-rimmed ld. If you are in The effect of the medication combined with intensive exertion produced quite a sudden reaction.

It is interesting legend. Reviewed June 20, Impressive.

He rose from his chair and entered the wall which separated his office from that of the associate director. Retrieved from ” https: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Dutilleul became rather good at this game, and he mzrcel longer contented himself with shouting abuse at the associate director. Since the door to his apartment was locked from the inside, this gave him pause for thought.

A few of them were so muraillle away with remorse and admiration that they tried to get their hands on the wallets or heirloom watches of their friends and acquaintances.

By evening his headache was tolerable, and in his intense excitement he forgot about it altogether. He took to eating his soup with a fork and greeting policemen with a smart military salute. Dutilleul has shaved his black tuft of beard, substituted horn-rimmed spectacles for his “pince-nez,” started to wear a “sports cap and a suit of plusfour in loud check,” and changed his apartment. George Washington statue in Paris Wait, really? At the end of the story Dutilleul gets himself spoiler warning!

There was an unmet demand inside him, a new, urgent need, which was none other than the need paswe walk through walls. Address, Le Passe-Muraille Reviews: I’ve never dined there myself so I don’t have an article about oe, but I’ve always wanted to check it out. He passed through a dozen walls and partitions and let himself into various vaults, where he filled his pockets with banknotes.


Editions of Le passe-muraille by Marcel Aymé

A door in the wall opened, and a man stepped out. Reviewed September 28, Curious Art. The Lone Wolf had been in jail for one week when the warden found the following letter on his desk upon entering his office in the morning. The thickness of the walls was a veritable treat for him. Its notes take flight from his numb fingers and penetrate to the heart of the stone like drops of moonlight.

A billed cap and a checked suit with golf trousers completed his transformation.

Dutilleul was immobilized inside the wall. Ay greeted him ecstatically and they made love late into the night. Modern Language Association http: Dutilleul then began to use his ability to burgle banks and jewellery shops.

The story involves a love interest, of course, and lots of sneaking though walls to avoid her oblivious husband. Lecuyer, extremely disturbed, both physically and mentally, is taken to a mental home. Terrified, he remembered the two tablets that he taken that day. The statue is a bit larger than life and somewhat high up on that wall, so you really can’t reach the hand that you’d actually want to pull on to help the poor guy.