El barbero de Sevilla, de Gioacchino Rossini. Melodrama Bufo en dos actos. Libreto de Césare Sterbini. Basado en la comedia homónima de Piérre- Agustin . El Barbero de sevilla. Barbero de sevilla. The barber of Seville is an opera bufa in two acts with music by Gioachino Rossini and libreto in. , English, Spanish, Printed music edition: El barbero de Sevilla [music] libreto, Guillermo Perrín, Miguel de Palacios ; editión crítica, Xavier de Paz.

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Bartolo si alza, e si avvicina agli amanti.

Today I do not want to be shaved. I felt my heart misgive me!

From the mouth re-emerging the noise grows crescendo, gathers force little by little, runs its course from place to place, seems like the thunder of the tempest which from the depths of barero forest comes whistling, muttering, freezing everyone in horror.

Presto, andate a riposar. How impatient I feel! It is a universal evil, it is a mania and an itch, a thing which tickles and torments you. A brighter fate awaits you, come then and rejoice. Di nessun qui mi fido. Preface in Spanish and English.


El Barbero de sevilla by jorge diaz serrano on Prezi

With fire unknown my soul is burning, and fills my spirit with will to dare. For a doctor of my standing these excuses, signorina, I advise you my dear child, to invent a little better. Calumny is a little breeze, un’auretta assai gentile che insensibile, sottile, leggermente, dolcemente, incomincia a sussurrar.

For all the officers of the dr regiment, shave and haircut Me lo diceva il core! He keeps every room al buio Per questo ho le mie gran ragioni. Tu me la pagherai! By all I am despised, an old maid without a hope, I shall die in desperation. Leave it all libreot me It is he himself!

For a doctor of my standing does not let himself be fooled. Ha, ha, what a frenzy! What is the meaning of your ink-stained finger? Il nome, che bel zevilla Do not speak, do not shout. Storm It is night.

Il barbiere di Siviglia libretto (Italian/English) – opera by Gioachino Rossini

If I don’t watch out, I’ll do something rash. What a merry life, what gay pleasures for a barber of quality. My guardian won’t consent, but I will sharpen my wits, and at last, he will relent, and I shall be content. What will happen to us? When she is my wife, I shall know very well how to keep barbrro these lovesick dandies.



Ah, non sapete i simpatici effetti prodigiosi. Oh, you are indeed a worthy pupil of Don Basilio! I would wager that the Count Almaviva has sent this fellow here to sound out Rosina’s heart.

Un ospedale ha fatto di tutta la famiglia a forza d’oppio, sangue e stranutiglia.

Home This editionEnglish, Spanish, Printed music edition: Gioia e pace sia con voi. I come this morning, and I find a madhouse What a cruel destiny!

Arise, my sweetest love, oh, come, my treasured one, soften the pain, O God, of the dart which pierces me. Ma dite, signor Figaro, voi poco fa sotto le mie finestre parlavate a un signore?

Lists What are lists? Dei figurin di Francia, del mal della sua figlia Marcellina. I’ll go and see him at once. What a charming little miss! Go into the libretp room and bring the towels.