An in-depth introduction to all research methods in linguistics, this is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Research. Research Methods in Linguistics. Front Cover. Lia Litosseliti. A&C Black, Apr 9, – Social Science – pages. Buy Research Methods in Linguistics by Lia Litosseliti (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Research Methods in Linguistics – Google Books

Corpus Methods in Linguistics 5 Paul Baker Chapter outline Resezrch chapter examines how corpus linguistics techniques can be used to aid a range of linguistic analyses. In fact, over the last few years an increasing volume of work has appeared e. Both sequence and hierarchy are important here.

Say in calculating the mean number of linuistics shoes purchased per day, we find that customers without earrings bought on average three times more pairs of red shoes per day 24 pairs than customers with earrings did 8 pairs.

It also illustrates how linguistic ethnogra- phy can be combined with other methods to produce rich data. You will notice that I state that the best our analyses can mwthods is tell us that the experimental hypothesis may be true, not that it necessarily is true.

Since both the dependent and the inde- pendent variables are categorical, a chi-square test is appropriate. Data was collected from a question- naire that contained 19 statements, to which respondents indicated their relative agreement or disagreement on a 5-point Likert scale see Chapter 3.


Chapter 1, by Jane Sunderland, looks at research questions: Methors have reproduced the relevant row from a t-test significance chart in 7.

These 5 locations in Victoria: Bryman further usefully dis- tinguishes between rationale where explicitly stated and practice: Australian National University Library. If continuous, you would use a t-test to analyse your data; if categorical, you would use a chi-square.

Research Methods in Linguistics

Other research questions on the topic of the quotative use of be like might litosxeliti 4. Also, people learn from experience, so if we run the same test with the same people again and again, they will — eventually — improve just through experience. Rssearch this example, I take inspiration from Lambert et al. Because they compare proportional distributions across categories, chi- square tests cannot be used to examine data from continuous variables where no a priori categories exist.

There may in fact be many people who are much taller than the mean of In the numerator of 6awe subtract the mean value of the Working Class group 0. In a panel design, we randomly select people from the population, both male and female, from all socioeconomic backgrounds and all age groups.

Interestingly, in quantitative analyses, we always test the null hypothesis, not the experimen- tal one. My aim in putting together this particular book, however, is to strike an impor- tant balance: But even for the most experienced of us, the second ques- tion can pose a major problem.


We will therefore restrict our discussion to situations in which there is one independent variable and one dependent variable and the independent varia- ble is categorical.

The next step is then the calculation of the expected frequencies, given the size and shape of the subject population.

In general, we distinguish between two basic kinds of variables: Series Research methods in linguistics Research methods in linguistics. Again, tests exist for examining multiple independent and dependent variables e. Find her cheque book 6 words Total number of words: Yet, these categories are in a certain sense arbitrary, and are ressearch a part of the age measurement itself.

Obviously, the first step is actually conducting the research. Within this, your research question s might be one or more of the following: While mono-dimensional studies can and do also result in rich datasets, mixed methods designs are versatile and can arguably address, from a more holistic perspective, issues the participants themselves relate to.

For example, Stubbe et al.