In , the anti-Fascist activists Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli, placed under house arrest on the Italian island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free. Download, Total Views, Stock, ∞. File Size, KB. File Type, pdf. Create Date, Wednesday December 7th, Last Updated. Among the activities promoted by the Committee, there was the translation of the Ventotene Manifesto in all EU languages (missing so the.

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The most self-evident concepts of economic science have to be treated as anathema so as to enable autarchic policy, trade balance and other old chestnuts of mercantilism to be presented as extraordinary discoveries of our times.

Ventotene Manifesto

Men are no longer subjects with civil rights, but are instead arranged hierarchically and are expected to obey their superiors without argument, the hierarchy culminating in a suitably deified leader. These are the changes mznifesto both to create very broad-based support around the new institutional system from a large number of citizens willing to defend its survival and to ventoene freedom and a strong sense of social solidarity onto political life in a very marked way. A real revolutionary movement must arise from among those who have been bold enough to criticize the old political approaches and it must be able to collaborate with democratic and with communist forces; and generally with all those who work for the break-up of totalitarianism, without, however, becoming ensnared by the political practices of ventoten of these.

Unavoidably, it needs to fill a gap that still exists between its institutions and citizens.

The intellectuals, particularly the younger intellectuals, are the group which feels most spiritually suffocated and disgusted with the current despotism. After triumphing in a series of countries, this reactionary, totalitarian civilization, has finally found in Nazi Germany the power considered strong enough to take the last step.

The unions will have broad collaborative functions with State bodies which are appointed to resolve problems directly involving these unions, but they should have absolutely no legislative power, since this would create a kind of feudal anarchy in the economic life of the country, leading to renewed political despotism. The Ventotene Manifesto — Greek The Ventotene Manifesto — Bulgarian Yet, commitment to common goals seems to depend on the development of a multi-speed EU, as the current EU cannot cope with further slowdowns and veto players.


It is, therefore, fairly easy to channel them and their more shortsighted leaders towards the reconstruction of the States destroyed in the storm.

The principle whereby the class struggle is the condition to which all political problems are reduced, has become the fundamental guideline of factory workers in particular, and gave consistency to their politics for as long as the fundamental institutions were not questioned.

But their ability to maintain the workers as far removed from the other revolutionary forces as they can, by preaching that their “real” revolution is yet to come, turns them into a sectarian element that weakens the sum of the progressive forces at the decisive moment.

The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges – Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli

Bit by bit other social groups will gradually be drawn into the general movement. In order to respond to our needs, the European revolution must be socialist, i.

Venotene property must be abolished, limited, corrected, or extended according to maniffesto circumstances and not according to any dogmatic principle. In appearance, these States might well be democratic and socialist on a large scale.

But when this State control is achieved, it does not produce the desired results but leads to a regime where the entire population is subservient to a restricted class of bureaucrats who run the economy. From the very earliest age, children are taught to handle weapons and hate foreigners.

Men are no longer considered free citizens who can use the State to achieve collective goals. This threatened to dissolve the State into countless economic fiefdoms, each bitterly opposed to the others.

The Ventotene Manifesto — Slovenian In others words an economic regime has substantially been preserved in which material resources and labour, which ought to be directed to the satisfaction of fundamental needs for the development of essential human energies, are instead channelled towards the satisfaction of the most futile wishes of those capable of paying the highest prices.


The crisis in these institutions must be boldly and decisively exploited. The British referendum was characterized by deep divisions and ventotee debates, where anger, disappointment and anxiety, were present in the political and social spheres. The pitiful impotence of democrats in the Russian, German, Spanish revolutions are the three most recent examples.

Articles containing Italian-language text. In moments of dire need, they know just how to disguise their true nature, saying they stand by freedom, peace, general well-being and the poorer classes.

The ideology of national independence was a powerful stimulus to progress. It consolidated the position of monopoly holders and the chain stores who exploit the consumers and cause small savers manifesyo to vanish. The Ventotene Manifesto — English The Ventotene Manifesto — French 1.

In more specifically economic matters, they would become bodies for the accumulation of power and privilege among the categories with the strongest trade union representation. But while Hitler’s Germany has managed to chop down the smaller States one by one, this has forced increasingly powerful forces to join battle.

It derives its vision and certainty of what must be done from the knowledge manifdsto it represents the deepest needs of modern society and not from any previous recognition by popular will, as yet inexistant.

The regime based on castes is reborn from its own ashes, as bullying as it was before.

In this way, the conviction grew up that only a totalitarian State, in which individual liberties were abolished, could somehow resolve the conflicts of interest that existing political institutions were unable to control.

The Ventotene Manifesto manifesho Swedish 0. The colossal fortunes of a very few people have been preserved, as has the poverty of the masses, excluded from the enjoyment of the fruits of modern culture.